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French Muslim fined for driving while veiled

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by quietman, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/04/23/2881765.htm?section=justin

    He added that "the field of vision of a motorcycle rider wearing a helmet is more restricted".

    I'll take a wild guess here and suggest maybe this particular lawyer has never worn a motorcycle helmet. :rolleyes:

  2. and motorcycle riders have to take their helmets off in public places
  3. Although Im fairly certain the police action was influenced by the political atmosphere, I do think the whole driving issue needs attention. Most drivers are yet to fully use their eyes already, we dont need people who actively impair their senses. The fact shes a muslim woman is largely irrelevant.

    Admittedly the garments come in different styles so no-one can make a blanket statement.

    I do think its largely political though. In some other country more in the grip of Islamic political correctness fever, the cops wouldnt touch this issue with a 50 foot pole.
  4. Nice Pun.

    A Niqab might have more vision than a motorcycle helmet, but a motorcycle doesn't have roof pillars and screaming kids and mobile phones to stop the user seeing other road users.
  5. I was thinking the same thing.

    But one thing keeps popping into my mind after Pat's post about Europe in the bicycle thread. "France, the Nanny State." 8-[
  6. If that annoys you here's an easy solution.

    Carry a burqa under your bike seat and wear it over your helmet before stepping into the bank or service station.

    Seriously, what are they going to do? 8-[
  7. I wonder how different her field of vision is compared to someone who wears glasses. I can only see clearly through two small lenses...
  8. The issue is cutting off peripheral vision which is bad news. Especially for us coming up to intersections.

    Motorcycle lights help alert the average drivers peripheral vision, but its no good if your mobile black shade cloth is blocking the view altogether.
  9. the blacke: you have a point. I usually wear contacts, but onthe odd occasion when it suits me, I wear glasses. My normal vision is so bad without glasses I might as well be driving with my eyes closed. Glasses do not allow for the best peripheral vision, it would be worse than a burqa.

    As for the country that claims to be the most personally liberating country in the world, they are certainly searching the deepest corners of the envelope for freedom of religion
  10. I think they may be aiming for freedom FROM religion :-/
  11. The issue is much larger than religion. Utopian ideas of Islamic culture and western culture living together in multicultural harmony is wishful thinking. Western culture is in many ways sexually expressive, Islamic culture is sexually repressive. The two just dont mix.

    In many ways I support what the French are doing. Theyve been surrendering for so long, that this time they are going to lie down into extinction where other western cultures are being pansies in the face of Islam. Muslims seek to spread Islam, and any notion that they will respect the sexually expressive culture of the west is more wishful thinking.
  12. I'm going to get in early an remind EVERYONE that while this thread is in the Off Topic area please keep the discussion as on topic as possible with that being primarily the 'fined for driving while veiled' line. Understandably the fact that the individual is Muslim is a consideration but I think that it is secondary to the discussion.</mod spiel>

    For me the bigger issue is the driver's visibility and the lawyer's suggestion that the veil offers the same, or similar, visibility as a motorcycle helmet. First difference; helmets are designed, regulated and approved. Veils are not. I have personally seen veils so restrictive that the wearer literally has slit big enough for minimal revelation of flesh and this was coupled with sunglasses. Now compare this to a motorcycle helmet and the area exposed by the visor area, monumental difference.
    I acknowledge that there is a degree of anti-Muslim sentiment in France at the current time but in an Australian context I think we should all be more concerned about the impact on us, as road users, that these unregulated visually impaired drivers could have.
  13. With respect, disagree. The fact that she is a muslim is the heart of the issue given the french sentiment toward muslim dress code. The excuse given to justify it, while maybe accurate to a degree, was pulled out of the cops arse.

    Don't think we should be to worried, our government will bend over backwards to not offend the muslim community. On top of that, france has a 100hp limit on bikes as well, a stance not followed by anyone else.
  14. France just wants to kick Islams ass, and eat cheese.......and theyre all out of cheese.
  15. that is funny gsxxer, France has always had facists.

    On the basis of vision, I can see it being a safety problem. But here is an important Question, Has anyone tried one on and can give an honest appraisal of the difference?
  16. Do you stop your mum over a cup of tea and say, "Hang on. We're not talking about what we started with..." ???
  17. hahaha go duke

    France has balls of steel!
  18. This is Gold =D&gt;

    I agree 110% with what the French are doing, i hope this piss weak country can follow suit, where have the gonads of this country gone??? Its shameful!
  19. Yet no-one seems to address the issue of hoodies? Many a time I've passed a Subaru driver who was totally oblivious of anything around him (or her ;)) because they had their hood pulled up ](*,)