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French motorcycle statistics

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sooty, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. wow.
    average age is bit high isnt it? 39 lol
    and the 11 years riding experience is pretty high too.
    i wonder what Aus stats are like compared to our frog eating cousins.
  2. Well that's just sad.
  3. they obviously have no souls. they remind me of Puppets
  4. ...wondering if mopeds and scooters etc were icluded in the stats? France probably has s high usage of these vehicles...as a lot of european countries do. If so, this may contribute to the high passive use.
  5. judging by the 90 % wearing gloves and only 69% wearing a jacket, probably did include scooters. Its okay to rip your ****en torso to shreds but god forbid you wreck your french manicure.
  6. You cant ride thru the winter there..... I tried thru one mild winter, and arthritis is what you get....

    Its no surprise that france is the first euro country to propose 100hp limits for all new bikes (google it)

    I think the the latin temperament and high powered bikes on the street dont mix.......frenchies and italianos i saw on the road were quite often nutters.......
  7. They're not just proposing a 100hp limit, they've done it.

    Sucks to be them.
  8. ...........................

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  9. Tell me about it,what do you expect from a country that has elected a dude who spend the public money for his own expense.Great country but people don't have a clue.
    Cities are getting more and more crowed so scooters and mopeds might be the result of the boom in motorcycle.I was in Paris this year and there's so many moped that even they are stucked in traffic
  10. Apparently the 100hp think has been in for years. Quite surpised when I heard that, as I always viewed the french a libertarians (personal freedoms, etc.)
  11. I love riding in Paris, its motocross on roads.
  12. Ha yeah, I guess it was inspiration for the supermoto revival in Europe :p
  13. Only in the bedroom:smileysex:
  14. Hi guys,
    I happen to be french so I will make a few comments.
    There are a lot more bikes in France than in Oz, and yes there are heaps of scooters. Too many, but that's still better than cars, and eventually scooters drivers may graduate to become bike riders...
    The 100hp limit has been around for as long as I can remember. And riders are filthy about it.

    Mind you, mowster has a bit of a point. We do tend to ride (and drive) faster than here. A LOT faster (speed limit 130kph on freeways, with average speed 150kph, up to 160kph it is considered cruising. And on the backroads less travelled by the fuzz, it's open season).

    You gotta understand the French outlook is that rules are meant to be broken, and the only rule is not to get caught really. Not law abiding model citizens, I know, but that's the way we are.
    It used to be that you'd get your bike systematically unrestricted after the first service. I remember in the early 90's the GSXR-1100 was ubiquitous, and they were all full power.

    Thanks to all the morons posting their exploits on YouTube, there has been a bit of a crackdown, with radars being installed all over the place, not quite Victoria yet but getting there, and also on unrestricted bikes. It is now getting a lot harder and expensive to unrestrict bikes, and insurance wont cover you in case of an accident. But bikes are still getting unrestricted.

    Now outside of the city scooter mob and sunday riders, real riders are riding all year round, and are well equipped. Pretty much just like here, except there are more of us overall in France and Europe altogether than here.