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French Motorcycle Safety Commercial - "On bike, the biggest danger is to think that there is none"

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by robsalvv, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. From the country that brought you mandatory hi viz, mandatory portable breath testers and a few other barking mad road safety ideas, here's a motorcycle PSA that is somewhat better than the TAC's latest effort. The tag line is: "On bike, the biggest danger is to think that there is none"

    It shows some of the everyday risks riders face, but focuses fairly strongly on only one type of ride - the aggressive rider. The stunt work is pretty darn good though.

    Have a look.

    Anyone understand French?

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  2. That's not bad, it's similar to the TAC ad with the alien but the general vibe of it (without understanding what they are saying) isn't so anti bike, or that everything that happens is our fault. E.g in the TAC ad we get cut off and it's our fault, in this ad we get cut off and it shows the driver on the phone.

    Ofcourse as I said, this is without understanding what they are saying.
  3. "...the alien..." :rofl:

    At least the advert shows some reality - the driver on his phone pulling out, the non headchecked lane change with the couple arguing, the pedestrian with headphones, the blatant SMIDSY... all of those depict exactly what risks riders have to manage every day.
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    I don't understand french but my understanding of the commercial is not to let your guard down even when you are on the open road and the previous clips are sort of a "you expected it here" clip

  5. I'm a cynic I know, but I can see TAC using the visuals from that ad and a voice-over concluding that SMIDSY doesn't cause crashes, it was only when he was speeding that he crashed.

    (I should take a holiday from this stuff. I'm starting to resemble Mad-Eye Moody)
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  6. Cause I dont understand the voice over it just makes me want to go for a fang in the hills
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  7. Geeze! Can you imagine having a bad day like that!

    I kind of think the message in the ad is pretty good. Yes it depicts the rider as being of an aggressive nature but I think the ad is targeting that sort of reckless or aggressive type to ask them to slow down or ride defensively not agressively.
  8. Without understanding french, I like the overall tone.
  9. What it is really saying is that it is OK to nearly kill someone on a motorcycle as long as you give them a little wave afterwards.

    We all know that it is universally understood by all motorists and pedestrians that a wave fixes everything.

    (except for the B&tch that opened the car door, she thought he was on a pushbike....)
  10. Basically a loose translation is:

    "Everyday, the biker puts his life at risk. Riding demands attention at every moment. He has to be villigant (watch out) for two (people). Anticipate every hazard. Manage the unforseens (deal with the unexpected).

    But all that is quickly forgotten when, finally, he gets to "liberate" (open up) his bike."

    Then the text reads:

    The majority of motorbike accidents take place in good weather, in the open country (countryside).

    The biggest danger on a motorbike is to think that there are none.

    The website associated with it is http://www.securite-routiere.gouv.fr/article.php3?id_article=4100

    It's in French, but you can get the main message with statistics like these:

    2 out of 3 fatal accidents (motorbike) happen in the countryside
    7 out of 10 cases in daylight
    8 out of 10 cases in good weather
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  11. Another translation...

    The title is: when riding, the greatest danger is in thinking there isn’t any (danger)

    ‘Every day, the motorcyclist risks his life. Riding means he has to pay attention to the road every second, he has to be on his guard for himself and other people, anticipate every possible problem, manage the unforseen, but the risk is forgetting all this as soon as he gets the opportunity to let go & just ride….

    On motorbikes, the majority of fatal accidents happen in good weather on the open road.

    On a motorbike, the greatest danger is in thinking you’re safe (same as beginning – less clunky in English I feel)
  12. Another translation...from the French:

    "Why are we here?

    Is it because language speaks us?

    No. Not. None. Nought out of nothing.

    Existence nauseates me.


    Is this a question?
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  13. Without vesting too much thought into it I'll say that, overall, I like it a lot. The specific targeting of rural roads is probably fairly France-specific. The more general message, which seems to be that you should never let your guard down, is something we can all relate too. Plus the a secondary message that it sends to other road users - "watch what you're doing" - is clearly much more beneficial than the TAC's "it's OK kill motorcyclists because it's their fault."

    My complaint would be that the urban portion of the ad doesn't really show defensive riding skills as it professes to, only fantastic braking skills which most motorcyclists probably don't posses. I couldn't see anything in the rider's behaviour that suggested he was pro-actively anticipating the dangers, even if he did respond well to them. Just look at how aggressively he passes the unloading truck.
  14. I really like it. Last year in Vic around 50% of fatalities were single vehicle accidents, and more than 50% were on rural roads.

    If TAC did an ad targeting those crashes riders would be up in arms about always blaming the rider and never challenging driver behaviour... this ad covers both.