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French man arriving in early March/April in Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Greggy, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    I m Greg, french man actually doing a trip through South America, in Perou to be exact today.
    I love motorbikes, use to drive a Zx6r 636 2002 in France.

    I ll be arriving in Sydney in April 2009. I ve got so many questions !
    - I use to track in France and doing some competition (not a high level). Is there many circuits around Sydney? Will I be able with my driving licence to drive there?

    - I ve taken a WHV (Working Holiday Visa) and would like to find a job as a salesman in the bike industry. Is there many bikes store in or around sydney? Bikes accessories stores?
    I ve noticed that there was a employment section... I ll check regularely. But is there any web site specialised in offering bikes job? Is there any chains specialized in bikes as we have for example "Dafy moto" or "Moto Expert" all around the french territory, where I can maybe apply?
    I got serious references in sales through Europe for the past 4 years.

    - How are the routes around Sydney? Is there a way to have great fun with zig zag roads?

    - Is there many appointments in Sydney with bikers, during week end for example?

    - Are Ducati bikes very commun in OZ? ... I ve to say that I m a real fan of 748/916/996/998 series... and d like to buy one maybe arriving there (After finding a job !)

    I m sorry about questions that can maybe seem silly but I was wondering if I could join the forum to find some help.
    Again, if I make a lot of english mistakes, please correct me.

    Thanks and greetings from Peru !

  2. Bon soir Greggy.

    The answer to all of your questions, is a resounding "oui".
    I suggest that you contact "Alliance Francais" upon arrival in Australia. They will help you enormously
  3. firstly you will have more replies if you say you are a french woman. haha.

    Im not sure what is near Sydney - someone else can help you with this one!

    there are bike stores in Syd, but in australia alot of jobs arent advertised. Try www.careerone.com.au or www.mycareer.com.au maybe

    there are some excellent roads. try google maps and Netrider NSW ride event forum

    hope that helps!
  4. Just turn up to a few coffee nights when you get here that are listed in events section. All you questions will be answered and then some. Im sure there is at least 1 netrider female in NSW who will willingly exchange cultural relations with a Frenchman :grin:
  5. Welcome Greg. Be sure to come to Randwick for coffee when you arrive in Sydney.

    Two in Sydney, Oran Park and Eastern Creek. Three if you count Wakefield a few hours hike away. You don't need a licence to ride on the track. We also have heaps of good roads around, and Ducatis are common as muck, they're a bit of a pest really.
  6. Thanks the Yak ! Great ! 3 circuits at our disposal !! Wouaw !!! I hope I get a bike soon arriving in Sydney and enjoying driving there with some of you guys !

    Dully noted for the coffee, I ll send a sign as I m up there !
  7. Haha ! Sounds cool ! Let s wait for my arrival then and thanks for having answered me !
  8. Hi "es" !!
    Sorry that I m only made with balls and muscles (just a little of them !). This forum seems a lot in my sens of humor and I like that !!
    Nice link for the roads ! I just looked round Oran Park were lot of good roads seems to wait for bikers...

    Also thanks for the links, I ll have a look at them in a minute

  9. Bonsoir MV,

    Thanks for the tip. Noted !

    Is this means that you ride MV Augusta?
    If so, which one? "Senna"????

  10. No, not a Senna. I have an f4 1000s.
    I wouldn't buy a Motocyclette, which was named after a Car Racer.
  11. rofl :LOL:
  12. Australia has the second highest percentage of ducati's relative to other bikes on the road, beaten only by Italy.