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French and Hi Vis

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tiggers, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. France will soon be enforcing legal measures to ensure that motorcyclists are seen.

    According to a new rule in their highway code that takes effect January 1, 2013, riders and passengers aboard any bike bigger than 125cc will be required to wear at least 150 square centimeters (each) of reflective fabric on their upper bodies-- and according to British motorcycle activists Riders Are Voters, France already requires reflective stickers on helmets.


  2. Won't help.
  3. Nope - some ****wit has approved this
  4. They do indeed; my new Shark helmet came with retroreflective silver stickers and a diagram of where they had to be placed "in order to comply with French legislation".
  5. So France basically has all the downsides of Victoria, but with people actually willing to at least try and fight back against the state instead of spreading 'em and taking it?
  6. You could fit a flashing warning light to your helmet and people still wouldn't ****ing see you. It's hard to see something when your eyes are on the wrong side of your head and you're not willing to ****ing turn it.

    But, great. The french will do this, and then in 5 years when it has zero measurable effect, everywhere else that's been thinking of legislating it will have a weakened case to do it.

    Personally, I don't care. I mean, most of my street gear has reflective bits on it. I don't think it hurts to have it. I just don't think it does all that much.
  7. I don't care if the trim on my gear is reflective or whatever but I'm not going to parade around in a dayglo green vest and look like a god damned crossing guard.
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  8. I saw a young guy riding a Ducati through Maleny a few weeks ago, who was wearing a crossing guard vest "for safety"...along with generic cargo pants, sneakers and a t-shirt.
  9. 150cm2 isn't really very much - especially if it's split between back and front. But even if the whole fucking jacket was made by 3M it still won't help if the drivers aren't looking
  10. I'm ok with that, actually. He accepts that he might get taken out but knows that it's his choice to make. I'm sure it looked ridiculous though :rofl:
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  11. I'm with you on that one!
  12. they had some big protests


    France completely paralysed by almost 100,000 bikers !

    France has today seen the largest motorcycle protest ever seen before with almost 100,000 bikers paralysing the whole nation, from north to south and west to east. A real slap in the face of Claude Guéant, French interior minister, who has been trying to push through a series of ridiculous proposals designed to treat bikers like cash cows when, let’s recognise it, bikers are willing to use a mode of transport that guarantees zero congestion, considerably reduces pollution and offers a more affordable solution to those facing financial difficulties. 100,000 bikers paralysing the whole nation, what a massive humiliation for the French government and its interior minister, Claude Guéant.
  13. I'm thinking this, in reflective material, front and back, 75cm2 each side.

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  14. Some pics from the protest...
    Does anyone else think it's odd to wear a hi vis vest to a protest against the wearing of hi vis vests???

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  15. They were protesting mandatory high-vis, and indirectly supporting a rider's choice in what they wear; some people chose to wear high-vis on the protest and that's fine by me.
    And to be picky, pretty-much every rider wearing any proper gear at all would have been sporting some kind of reflective material...
  16. Thats a bit odd, but I guess its about your choice to wear one, not being forced to.
  17. high vis isn't reflective, it is that silver crap.

    I don't see much point to high vis in any situation, unless you are looking for a robbery outfit. (when i was a postie used to walk into the bank with big high vis jacket and full face helmet, no one even looked up)

    They seem to think a chicken suit makes you invincible! I will go against the smidsy crew, i would rather be invisible than wear this chicken suit shit. It is OUR vision that is the key, you wouldn't ride blind would you?
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  18. The issue is that it is compulsory. I have one jacket that has it, but would protest it being compulsory.