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Freight Company's for Interstate freight

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by radness, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. Hey guys you help with so much else lets see how you go here.

    I currently use TNT for Regional (Victoria) and Interstate Freight at work. But they are damn expensive and their service has been quite lousy. We don't send a lot interstate ourselves as most of my items are drop shipped from suppliers.

    Because of this we don't send much direct from our office and thus can't command decent prices from TNT and probably most Freight company's.

    We also use Couriers Please (Next Day) and First Transport (Point to Point courier with 3 hour delivery time) for Melbourne Metro depending on urgency and spend quite a bit on the Melbourne metro freight.

    What I am looking for is a Freight Company to replace TNT and Couriers Please for Non Urgent Melbourne Metro, Next Day, 2-3 day Regional/Interstate freight. Most of the freight would be computers, notebooks, monitors and other misc computer hardware. So probably most would be 5kg to 15kg/20kg.

    Must have Internet Tracking
    Reasonably Priced
    Prefer Account rather than Prepay (Prepay acceptable if there isn't a $500 - $1000 cost to get you started on coupons)
    If Prepay prefer not too many zones

  2. have u tried pack n send ?

    pack and send sent my gear from sydney to hobart. by road. took 1 week they used a company called hunter express.

    some things may be cheeper by aus post, than by courier or frieght. depends on the weight of the item compared to the cubic weight.
  3. Cant use Aus Post as I need door to door service and pickups from my office and clients places as well.
  4. Unfortunately the 'best' company changes cyclically on a 2-3 year basis, and sometimes it depends on what area you're sending to.
    Freight companies will gradually raise prices and give crappier service as their volume grows too large for them to handle - then someone else becomes a cheaper and more efficient carrier, because they don't have the volume AND are more desperate for the business.

    My experience is in despatch from Sydney to other states.

    My advice as far as using a new carrier goes for all-round stuff: Startrack Express.

    They're pretty quick, cheap, and their tracking system is not bad at all [I dunno about track & trace on the net though... AAE have the best one of those, but their satchel airfreight].

    Get some rates out of Startrack and see how they compare to TNT.
  5. Easy peasey

    I use smartsend.com.au

    They are reasonably cheap. They shipped an order of mine, 35 Coffee mugs (26kg) to a dealership in NSW it got there in 2 days, all mugs intact for the bargain price of $23.

    I don't know what you send nor do I know the size of the items that you send. Check their website, it's pretty good.

    Oh, they use the Allied Express network of carriers. Might be just what you are looking for as they are happy for infrequent users.

  6. Fastway are pretty good at the moment. Startrack have a minimum spend before you can get an account.
  7. Fastay are good if you dont care for reliability.

    I used to phone then to book a pickup and 2 days later the parcel was still sitting outside.
    Then because I dared to complain about the shit service, they refused to service me.

    Fastway?? bwahahahahahahhahahahaha The people running the Melb operations would fit in well at the NRL Canterbury Bulldogs. :jerk:
  8. Mate i run a spare parts company in melbourne. My words for you are good luck, they are all as useless as each other. Price wise is always going to be an issue if you arent giving them heaps of freight each day. I use TNT, Star Track for interstate.. Couriers please get a fair run.
    The best of the worst i find is Vic Fast. If you want there details let me know and ill get them for you.
  9. TNT are useless! Never ending supply of problems with them so I switched to DHL who are awesome however they only offer a next day service so it aint cheap.

    I would second Vic's recommendation of smartsend.com.au, have used them on a number of occasions and had no issues thus far.

    Good luck on your search.