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VIC Freeways and Roundabouts -A Bad Mix

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jdkarmch, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. I just heard on the radio that there was a motorcycle fatality this morning. It happened on a roundabout on the South Gipsland Highway on the way to Phillip Island. They said the guy lost it going through a roundabout. It was very foggy down there this morning.

    I went down for the Oz GP Run yesterday and was amazed to see so many roundabouts loom up suddenly as we appraoched at freeway speeds. It would be very easy to drop your bike if you hit a wet patch as you went through one of them - and that sounds like what happened to this poor rider today.

    My condolences to the riders family - it was looking like we were going to have a fatality free Moto GP this year :( :( :(

    Once again - I think Vic Roads have got it wrong...... by placing a roundabout in places like this.
  2. You're gonna be stunned by this John, but I sort of agree with you on this one. I was stunned when they were building it over the summer and autumn and almost forgot about it until yesterday. Whilst I agree with the overall view that a roundabout on a 100kmh road is not good, it is well signposted.

    Where I would disagree with you is on the hypothesiing on the causes of the accident. Incidentally, it's a highway and not a freeway. In that respect it's no different to the sections that lead out of Frankston on the MP Highway/Freeway, which, IMO come up far more rapidly and with restricted views.

    In Vic Roads defence, the road is not well travelled, though this time of year is often foggy. What I don't get is why they build a roundabout for a junction that didn't seem to be needing one.

  3. Well to answer that, fairly sure that councils do things like that so they can use their allocated budget (for that financial year) so they get allocated same or more next year. Seems stupid to waste money on things just so you can get money to waste again on next year to do the same thing. repeat. That's why we tend to see a lot of roadwork each year around the same time.

    And hi cejay :)
  4. I was down there today and spoke to the lady that found him, very foggy this morning. caught him by surprise. To Tell you the truth, it totally caught me by surprise too. I was in traffic and wasn't looking at the signage. Obviously I saw the roundabout coming up through the cars and bikes, but we were all coming at it from cruising altitude, got that rubberband effect big time. Seems a strange place to pop in a roundabout, but i think we can expect the limit to be reduced to 80 in the not too distant future. That's their solution to every traffic cock-up they make.
  5. Thanks cejay - I agree hypothesising is a bit of a long shot, when you don't know the full details. But, all the same moist roundabouts do make things difficult, which is the real point that I was trying to make. I assume in this case the dreaded "speed" will be blamed....... :(

    I have gone down - many years ago - on a wet/moist bend. I now "tippy toe" around all roundabouts and corners whenever I think that the road surface may be in any way damp.

    I did notice yesterday that there are quite a few things on the side of the road to distract your attention - like a "radar speed sign" that everyone looks at as they go past - if you look too long, in heavy traffic you end up racing up someone infronts rear end....
  6. Yup, they fcuk up and never get the blame. And yes, they'll blame speed and the rider, at least there should be far more signage as I agree, at 'cruising altitude' you don't expect it.
  7. Riding home from Melbourne early (VERY) yesterday morning, it was fogged in from before Bairnsdale till nearly Lake's Entrance. Visibility, lousy. The other thing is the cold 'seeps into' your bones and slows your reflexes, or at least it does mine......
  8. The 2 new roundabouts were placed at intersections that needed them. I see nothing wrong with their placement at all.
    Built to use up excess budget??? change drugs dude. :roll:

    The only thing that they should have done different is to light it better being a new roundabout and the fact that so many "new" users would be seeing it for the first time.
    Perhaps they could have used amber lights in anticipation of fog as it is used very early in the morning and that stretch of road would be subject to fog early mornings.

    May the rider RIP

  9. Are you saying that road work isn't done sometimes to fulfill budgets or meaning those specific roundabouts for the budget thing? I am not talking about those specific roundabouts, just road work in general. And no reason to change the drugs, they are currently working for my pain. Nice way of coming across to someone just trying to help out (yup, that's sarcasm)
  10. I don't live in the area but have friends that do - I suppose they don't need to get out on the freeway at all, do they? Lang Lang/Nyora land is being swallowed up at a rapid rate, I'm not surpised to see them there with the rise of population in the area. Not saying I agree with them being installed or not, but city folk/M/C riders going to PI or Gippsland aren't the only users of that stretch of road.

    Sympathies go out to rider and all concerned.

    Now onto the GP...
  11. My informed sources advise that there is a big sign just before the intersection that says the Project cost to upgrade the intersection was $3.1 Million. This sign is before the roundabout warning sign.

    Also there have already been two vehicle accidents at the roundabout to date one of the light poles at the site is damaged by one of the previous accidents.

    I assume more information will come out over the next week....
  12. My feeling is, it was an easy mistake the rider made, given the situation and conditions he found himself in. The recipe for disaster is all there. His death serves as a reminder of what we're playing with. May he rest peacefully.
    Vic, I don't think that's the last time a tragedy's going to occur there. God willing, I'll be wrong.
  13. Sorry but i completely disagree, i've lived in the area since i was 11 and lived at Warneet and Blind Bight from age 11 to 35 then at Koowee rup till last May.

    as a local the roundabouts at both Lang Lang and the baxter turn off are completely un nesecary and if the anicdotal statistics (busted glass, knocked over signs, minor nose to tails) are anything to go by the roundabouts are causing more minor accidents than before they were there.

    With the Baxter turn off the ONE main problem with the intersection before the roundabout was the fukwits kept putting the signs so they blocked the vision of people trying to turn out of the Baxter road.

    MOST of the smaller accidents could have easily been eliminated by putting in decent turn off / turn on lanes.
  14. What's the lesser evil? People trying to turn (from stationary) across 100km/h traffic, traffic lights or a roundabout? Sure a roundabout can sneak up on you... but no so much so that you have to enter it at excessive speed. If the rider came unstuck through water on the road (speculation), then he made a mistake. There's not a lot more to it.
  15. That's called old age Paul :wink:

    I haven't gone down to PI for a while but the two roundabouts were in construction at the time.

    I agree with their placement in that those intersections have a fatal accident history with through traffic cleaning up turning or crossing traffic.

    Woodsy, hopefully they've reduced the risk of serious collisions and replaced them with minor fender benders.

    It would be quite easy to build overpasses everywhere but who's going to pay for it, unless you want to pay a toll driving to the GP's in the future, they have to do things to a budget.

    RIP to the rider & condolances to the family & friends.
  16. Yep... well riding down today there was a big hold up in traffic... After riding around the roundabout and seeing blood everywhere i was mortified...

    The roundabout is in the middle of nowhere and there are NO residential developments of any sort near there at all...

    Small things can be done to prevent things like this such as the amber lights etc etc...

    Its not a nice feeling riding past a pool of blood knowing that somebody just lost their life...
    RIP :(
  17. I went through that roundabout , around 6:15 am ,today, the guy in front of me , hit it at a fair rate of knots, he didn't see it, Myself I hit a steel pole left lying across the road, luckily , the front wheel, just squirted it to the gutter, though it did get the ol adrenalin runnig.

    The pro's and cons of needing the roundabout I'll leave to others, but in todays conditions, especially if the fog is a regular occurance, it definately needs, some more signage,lighting, maybe some wakeup strips
  18. From the Vic Police Media Release

  19. I was refering to the two new roundabouts. I know councils spend excess money doing bullshit roadworks to ensure they get their funding for the following year.

    Stop being so sensitive and lighten up. :roll:
  20. Which can be said about most roundabouts/intersections.
    Go around them and you will be fine. Make an error and go through it colliding with the poles will see you lose out big time.

    I too rode to the Island and came up to those roundabouts and thought "hey, these are new" But I guess I saw them with plenty of time to alter my speed to negotiate them.

    There are many many distractions when riding in a group, perhaps it was a combination of fog/innatention/distraction/loss of traction that took this riders life. Let's hope that whatever was lacking gets attended to and no one else comes "unstuck"