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Freeway travel on L-plates

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by gav, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, apologies if this has been asked before.

    Basically I've just got my Ls, so I'm limited to 80km/h. For that reason, the instructors at the training course recommended staying away from freeways, which I'd be more than happy to do... except that I live right at the top of a freeway down to the city (the South-East freeway, for those in SA who know it), so I'll have to tackle it eventually. Only 100km/h speed limit, but that's still 20 more than I can do.

    I guess the strategy has to be to sit in the left lane and overtake when I'm sure it's safe. Still I'm just wondering, does anyone have any strategies for freeway travel? Any advice for how I should manage this?

    The freeway is 3 lanes. I'd happily stay in the left lane except that you always get a few trucks going around 40km/h both up and down - a bit too slow, frankly. Middle and right lanes can get pretty crazy, high-speed motorists anxious to get where they're going, so I certainly wouldn't feel safe there at only 80km/h.

    I never see scooters on the freeway when I drive down in the car, I think I understand why now that I contemplate it myself!

    Any help much appreciated.
  2. If you can't keep up with, or preferably ahead of, the traffic flow just don't do it.
  3. Rat-run the back streets; no point being a hood ornament for a 20-tonner doing 110, and besides, you'll get lots of practice at changing up and down through the gears, head-checking, stopping and starting and looking at the pretty girls going to work in the shopping centres. See, problem solved :).
  4. Use the old section of the freeway which is way more fun than the new tunnel to avoid some of the traffic :grin:
  5. Browny can offer some advice here :cool:
  6. If you DO choose to go on the freeway, consider either losing the L plates and doing the speed limit, or at least when you have to overtake, dont even think about any speed limit, just gun it to get in front of the person you want to overtake - else if you don't increase your speed enough to match the middle lane.. gets dodgy.
  7. yep.....law making at it's best.....lets send a learner out 20km slower then the rest of the traffic and that will be safe for them :roll: :evil: mate as others have suggested lose the plate, stay to back streets or keep a fcuking close eye on your mirrors so you don't get rear ended......mate i really feel for you, having to put with dumb ass laws like this.....best of luck and hope you make it through your L's :shock:
  8. It's not new, Stewy. When I got my car license in 1968 the speed limit on the open highway was 60 miles per hour, but the P Plate speed limit was 40 miles per hour, a 20 MILES PER HOUR difference.....
  9. I found (and it seems quite common) that drivers treat motorcycle rider L platers like crap on the roads - its even worse when you can't do their speed.
    I stayed out of NSW when I was on my Ls due to their insane 80kms limit.
  10. 80? bugger that :wink: those new L & P plate laws are a worry though :cry:
  11. take off the L plate and do the speed limit. you'll be alot safer. or avoid the freeway.
  12. yep realise they aren't new, but still a rule that needs to be readdressed
  13. I got my licence in '82 and had an 80km/h limit for the first year while on P's which was a real pain when working in Ballarat and driving back to Melbourne down the freeway.
  14. My experieince as an L plater is that it's bloody dangerous doing 80K's
    on the freeway, cars/van/trucks coming at 30ks plus over your speed on bilind conrers and hills - forget about it, I don't trust anybodies reaction time over my own safety.

    My advice
    1.Do the speed limit (or least keep pace) - Do not exceed
    unless in danger.
    2.Be aware of other drivers blind spots when you pass them.
    2.Stay in the left lane.
    3.Stay to the left of your left lane.
    4.Watch out for merging traffic into your left lane from highway entry points,
    5.Watch out for cars merging from the right lane into your lane,
    they will pretend your not there.
    6. Middle/Right lanes - not for the novice rider
    7.Finally Once off the freeway jump off the bike and put your L plates
    back on.

    There's no way I'm doing 80 in a 110 zone - it's not safe,
    especially for L platers.
  15. +1

    I lost the L plate on the highway (I'm in the riverland and travelled to adelaide a few times on my L's) , buggered if I was going to be a sitting duck for all the bad cage drivers out there, the other bit of advice is do the advance course as soon as you can to get off the L's and that 80km/h limit (assuming you hold a full car licence) and up to the 100km/h limit....

    that's the good thing about the system here in SA you can successfully do the L's course one weekend and the advanced the following (ie no explicit minimum time you have to have your L's) if you are a competent rider....

  16. Lose the L plates.
    I ride almost exclusively on 110kmh roads around the Barossa area on my L's without the plates on and have never even got a swideways glance from the plodders.

    The trick is to obey all the speed limits all the time.
    You totally can't afford to be caught speeding on camera or lasered remember.
    Ride the speed limit, don't do anything stupid, be cool, don't stand out and there is almost zero chance of getting pinged for it.

    If I get caught, I'll pay the fine, no biggie.
    Its' far better than being hit up the arse by a B-double whatever way you look at it.

    It's a stupid stupid rule.
  17. freeway fears

    How distressing to find that the only safe way to travel on the freeway is to loose the L plates... but I SO agree... I have always been one to do the right thing.. but when my daughter took her P plates off to drive her car on the freeway I couldnt help agreeing with her 'civil disobedience'
    I go for my Ls on my Scoot next month... I must travel to work on 100km roads if I avoid the 110km roads.. no choices.. country Tasmania, very fast drivers that have no experience of real traffic.. so they floor it.
    I doughwanna git eaten alive... so it will be Loosing the L plates for me.
    Y dont the law makers see the dangers???? :?
  18. I have taken my bike on the F3 Sydney to Newcastle freeway a few times on my L's and its actually been fine, I get hassled more on that freeway as a P plater in the cage in the left lane doing 95 then a Learner doing 80, however when it does get dangerous I speed up to the conditions. However having said that, I drive an hour of that freeway daily so I know it like the back of my hand

    If I get pulled over I'll explain my situation, if the officer doesn't appreciate that then I'll cop the fine, and move on with my life, and then take solace in the fact that I still have a life, even if I'm a few dollars poorer, I think the laws are absurd but at the end of the day they are there, and I'll stick to them (to an extent)
  19. Thanks so much for all your advice guys. I'm thinking taking the plates off could be a good idea, I agree that if I don't otherwise do anything wrong the police wouldn't even be looking at me. Going at 100 is itself slightly scary right now, but hey, it's not like freeways are particularly difficult to navigate apart from the other traffic. Luckily I don't have to be on the freeway for a long time, only about 10 minutes, maybe even less.

    I might give the back way a try too, but that has pretty crazy turns and gets a lot of speed demons too, and it would take me a lot longer to get to work!

    I get the scooter tomorrow and I'll have to at least drive it up the hill somehow, so I'll let you know.


  20. +1

    Typical kneejerk reaction to people throwing their bikes or cars into trees and poles.