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Freeway Riding NSR 150

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Commando_NSR, May 23, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    I recently puchased a NSR 150SP 2001.

    I want to ride from Sydney to Newcastle but have a few concerns. I have heard rumors that these bikes will seize up if you ride for long distance and @ high revs. Has anyone heard of this or ever riden of the FWY to Newy.

    Also would a better option be going down the Old Pacific Highway???

    Appreciate ya help

  2. In terms of seizing up, the cause of this is more likely to be low revs.

    If you are running with an oil pump (as opposed to premix) you will find alot of two strokes dont engage the oil pump until you hit certain rpm. The cause of freeway seizures seems to be people riding in top gear which drops the rpm too low and prevents sufficient oiling.

    I covered many freeway miles on the Aprilia RS250 (only way to get out to the twisty bits) and once I learned to *not* use extra gears at freeway legal speeds the bike was much happier.

    Simple solution - always ride in your powerband.
  3. And wear ear plugs :LOL:
  4. NSR

    Na mate im new to this,

    Thanks for the help on that.

    I have the pre-mix in my bike. I was just abit worried about it.

    but due to the fact its pre-mixed it should be fine. yeah?
  5. Pre mix will alleviate the issue, however the net wisdom of other stroker riders was that the engines dont deal well with low revs. And really, with no power out of the powerband, why would you want to dip down. Since yours is a 150, id think anything but the powerband and its likely to stall or slow down so this may come naturally.

    There is also a suggestion to not sit on a constant rpm - my understanding is that this was to keep the powervalves actuating and prevent them from potentially sticking. Seemed like a good excuse to me :)

    As for earplugs, I never needed them with the RS250, yeah they are shrill but not particularly loud. The helmet cut enough noise to make it comfortable. Cant say the same for the gixxer... :shock:
  6. With the NSRs, you will notice a lot of vibes coming through the footpegs. It's also real squishy footpegs, a strange feeling :LOL:

    You shouldn't need earplugs, the bike isn't that loud. I didn't have any problems with seizing while cruising on a long ride, although it was as long as the Gosford to Newie leg. I definitely would recommend going via the old road :)

  7. Thanks for that guys,

    Puts my mind at rest.. :)

    Yeah I wouldnt mind taking the old route. Do you know how much longer it will take going on the Old pacific HWY.

    Yeah no room near the foot pegs on these bikes, and it does have some vibes coming out I know what your talking about there.

    I think in regards to the revs I will just change up and down every few minutes or so which should keep the bike happy if I do go on the freeway.

    All this trouble I can wait to upgrade. Im in love with the CBR 600RR's