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Freeway or Old Pacific

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Commando_NSR, May 24, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, came on the other day and asked a few questions. Just wanted to know what would be best.

    I am riding from Sydney to Newcastle on Saturday.

    I am not that strapped for time but want a nice easy ride at the same time.

    Would it be best to go down the Old Pacific HWY or straight up the freeway??

    Remember ive only had my license for a couple of months and am riding a NSR150SP


  2. Forget the freeway, take the scenic route :-k
  3. Agreed, it is safer and more fun that way.
  4. take your time and go the scenic route. dont get tempted to follow the racers. jsut pick your lines and practice and have some fun. the freeway will bore you to fuk, let alone send you nutters with teh constant drone from the constant revs you will be holding.
  5. The racers are bad! they overtake you on a corner and just miss there cars coming the other way. but its waaaaaaaay better then the freeway!!!
  6. if you had a hardley drivable, you'd have to take the freeway.

    thankfully you don't so you can take the old road :)
  7. The Old Pacific Highway is a fantastic ride. Infinitely better than the freeway. You also see a lot of bikes on the Old Pacific Highway so get your nodding gear ready for action.
  8. NSR150's aren't really designed to sit on freeways at constant revs so you're much better off taking alternate routes where your speed will vary.
  9. Ok thanks for that one guys.

    Just two more questions.

    1. Roughly how long will it take me

    2. How many petrol stops are there on the way

  10. Like everyone else said, take the Old Pacific.

    Don't take the freeway, not even for half the trip as it sucks being wind buffeted at 110-120km/h, it's boring and cold. I'll never do it again.

    It should take you minimum 2 hours (if you' ride like a lunatic) but realistically closer to 3 hours + depending on your pit stops.

    Fill up at Berowra and you should make the 125km to Newcastle without filling up again but there will be some fuel stops on the way.