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Freeway fun

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by NiteKreeper, May 6, 2011.

  1. Turning onto the on-ramp to the M4 at Centenary Drive about 30 minutes ago, I did my usual move of staying in the left lane as long as possible to get a couple more cages behind me.
    This idiot in an old silver Toyota (maybe a Cressida?) sees me coming and moves into my lane to block me - no biggie, there's still enough room for me to go around him...
    Once I'm in front of him, the ******** tries to overtake me again, in the same lane; except there's not enough room so the fukker actually starts moving left and running me off the road!
    I threw my right boot out and connected squarely with his passenger door, then opened the taps and GTFOT.
    About 20 seconds later he's beside me again, trying to jam me between his car and the truck on my left! I mean, really trying to hit me...

    What ensued was a 140Km/h trip along the M4 with me splitting madly between other vehicles, trying to put plenty of other cars between us. I eventually lost him when traffic got heavier around the old toll plaza, and he either didn't notice me getting off at Jame Ruse or didn't bother chasing any further.

  2. sounds like the dude that tried killing me when i was on my l's on the M2, in the heaviest rain i've ever seen (let alone having to ride in it!) about 4 years ago.

    man that was the worst day of my life. did you ever get his rego or anything?

    i think you'd just be happy to be alive and with bike right now!
  3. Nah didn't get his rego, not even sure of the car model - was kinda busy at the time :)
  4. hehehe yeah thought you might have been slightly preoccupied :p
  5. Nightkreeper, i was with you all the way until you decided to endanger yourself beyond what the other bloke was doing to you, by waisting brain cycles kicking at his car.
    And sorry, but i have to drive to point home...what did you think it was going to accomplish, when by what you described, things were getting pretty hairy??
    And as has been discussed a number of times, it is considered best to keep these idiots in view, by keeping them safely in front of you, where you can easily keep an eye on them. You led yourself a merry chase, in much increased danger, because you passed him.

    I'm not critisizing you or being a smar-arsk, i'm just saying that there are better safer/less dangerous ways ( for you) of handling encounters of the fourth kind, when you are clearly dealing with nutcase.

    I'm not being an armchair rider after the fact, as i have had a fair bit of expereience with this kind of thing, and tried them all.

    Kicking at cars ONLY stops you from riding your bike, because your attention is committed to booting the car.
    You have a ton or more of car trying force you to crash and right in the middle that when you need to be "actively riding your bike), you try and kick the car?...what and how was THAT going to improve your situation?
    ( no need to answer my questions, they are rhetorical in nature. :)

    Just think about it a bit....
  6. although raven has a point and i'm likely to follow that sort of advice...

    ...good onya for sticking the boot in and not coming off. Cressida's from the Inner West are ****in bastards.
  7. Raven, thanks. Very similar thoughts have been going through my own head for the last 2 hours or so, and this one won't be forgotten - I haven't felt real fear like that for a LONG time...
    I could try spitting out excuses like "I wasn't kicking, I was warding off", or "If I was on my bigger bike rather than the Spada it wouldn't have happened", but that would be externalising the whole thing.
    Obvious answer would have been to back off when the dick blocked me the first time, fall in behind him and wait for a safe overtake on the freeway proper.

    Everything I actually did, just made the situation worse - as soon as the anger subsided, that was pretty clear...
  8. NK, when I first read your post I thought "WTF were you thinking", but I'm not so sure if I would've done anything different to you in 'the heat of battle'.
  9. Sometimes you just feel like you got your own back from that boot in the door. Helps you feel better about the whole thing later.
  10. Mick, thanks. Your support is truly appreciated.
    This has been on my mind all day now, and I'm not really feeling better about it. Looking forward to a beer soon...

    ad91on, kicking at cars is not something I'm recommending. In fact I'd recommend anything BUT the kick.
    I know what made me do it, I think, and it was a combination of two factors I won't be speaking of here. One is personal, and the other would give the wrong impression to anyone silly enough to follow my example.

    About to leave for home in a sec, and I almost feel like I did when I first started riding...
  11. Nitekreeper, don't swet it mate.. But kudos to you for the self realization about sticking the boot out.
    Of couse i completely understand. I've been there. Kicking at cars and screaming under my helmet at them, until on two occasions i nearly ran right up the arse of cars in my lane.
    I realized that the red-mist had focussed ALL of my attention on THAT, and i was not at all in proper control of my bike or myself, which means two things. I was a farkwit, and was no longer what i like to think of as, a real rider. I had allowed myself to be a fool, and not a good rider. Not even close.

    So now, and after that realization, i've become a far moe calculated rider. When something like your experience occurs, i take a back seat, keep them where i can see them, and when they're well and truely blocked in, in traffic, and i am clear to escape, i will filter past point and laugh. Their inability to be menacing to you, is enough to make their head explode. Now THAT'S rewarding.

    Think of your bikes advantages, and use them, instead of the boot. And no! ...no mirror bending - that's a cheap shot.

    Anyway, really just saying that for the benefit of others...i think you've already realized it, too mate.

    Well done! :))))
  12. Again, thanks raven - I expected advice such as yours when I posted, and I'm happy it came from you...

    After riding home I felt better, and a cold ale is going down a treat.
    I'm now able to think about more than just the 15-odd seconds where I got myself into that mess, and I've found something positive to take away:
    Under pressure I was able to make 3 lanes of freeway all my own, doing 140Km/h in a 90 zone with reasonably heavy post-peak-hour traffic to contend with.
    My timing was superb with both opening and closing gaps, I planned ahead, and I split without hesitation - the Spada was giving me everything she had at that speed, but I consciously used her other advantages to make my getaway.
    I even had time to check my speed once or twice, and keep an eye on the b@stard behind me while all that was going on!

    But don't get me wrong: should never have been there - that's the BIG lesson...
  13. +1

    I've done some dumb stuff under pressure. good job on recognizing a not so perfect choice in a hellish situation. good job on getting out of there.
  14. I just thought i'd quote this because it's some of the best advice you can get (for dealing with these situations) as a rider.
  15. +1 to Raven and NK. Great thread.

  16. Kicking the car doesn't affect your riding if you've dismounted like I had today. Some moron woman started inching up on me at a set of lights after I'd legally overtaken her on the left (I assume this is what annoyed her..) She wanted to turn right from the left lane and I was going left. I was second in line, when the lights changed there were pedestrians so the car at the front was waiting, and yeah she kept moving up until she was about 10 cm away, I beeped my horn but she kept looked at me and kept doing it. When she nudged my exhaust and right foot I walked it forward a bit and got off. I walked up and said I was calling the police at which point she reversed back from my bike and drove off, which is when I kicked out at her door. She sped round the corner pretty much on red and kept going, so I just went home. Unfortunately I couldn't see her plate with my helmet on from where I was standing next to her or I would have reported it. Since there was no damage and not injuries so I didn't both reporting it. The thing is, me overtaking her made absolutely zero difference as like I said, there was a car in front of me waiting anyway.

    Edit: I'd also like to state that this wasn't just me being aggressive or something, I was quite calm the whole time since it was happening at 5 km/h. The kick at her door wasn't really in anger, where I was standing there wasn't really any other way to avoid being run over.
  17. Don't let those assholes push you around mate. But at the same time, don't let them make you into a victim. Let me put to you the following scenarios:

    - In trying to get away, you crash into another car.
    - You're nabbed for speeding 50kph over the limit
    - He catches you and hits you, potentially killing you

    I'm not criticising you at all, I just wanted to make you aware of some of the things that could happen in that situation so you can think about how you'll react in the future to get you the best result possible.

    Stay safe out there
  18. Thanks Screwball - those 3 points played on my mind all Friday and Saturday...
    It's a fine line between "not getting pushed around" and "staying alive" sometimes, huh?!
  19. It sounds like you have thought carefully about the situation you were in, this is something that is very difficult to do at the time so don't blame yourself for just wanting to get out of there. Fear can be an overwhelming emotion, and once it grabs you it can make you do the craziest things. The important thing is that you have learned from your experience and hopefully you won't let yourself get into the same situation again.
  20. A couple of weeks ago i was ran into the gutter by a 4wd . She basically treated me like i was too small to take up room on her road. I was about to turn left so moved over to take the turn when she decided to overtake me in what was now a single lane, presumably with intention of cutting me off. In my infinite wisdom i punched her front passenger door with my tiny leather clad fist. She looked at me like WTF?. I chased her down the road and she took off quickly into a building site. She was obviously spooked, Mission accomplished! As a souvenier of the incident i now have a painfull right thumb and a suspected hairline fracture. In all our efforts to stay safe out there we need to protect ourselves from our own behaviours as well as others.