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freeware - video editing program?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by nibor, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. hey guys im just after a program i can use to edit some videos i took over NYE/NYD.
    im after a freeware program, as i cbf paying for something im barely gonna use.
    program without virus/trojan shit attached would be nice :p

    basically i just need to cut a few clips shorter, maybe stitch some together, but i have nothing on my pc atm i can use, and the camera itself wont let me video edit either :?

  2. You can get 'freeware' copies of Adobe Premiere on your friendly neighbourhood torrent site.
  3. premiere is a bit hard to use without manuals though

    an easy one to use is Cyberlink Director and Producer

    once again use loz's suggestion for finding freeware lol
  4. im trying to avoid my friendly neighbourhood torrent site :p
    im after actual freeware, like i use Gimp instead of Adobe PS or CS2.
    its free and it does a decent job!
  5. Not sure of any freeware programs for editing... encoding and stuff no worries I know of a few good ones.

    Could maybe get you a copy of a program
  6. Windows movie maker? It's fairly basic but its free with XP and Vista...I'm assuming you run Windows?
  7. What about the MS video making software that comes with every windows?
  8. I use avidemux for simple stuff myself under ubuntu.
    I have no idea about more professional stuff because I've never been bothered about fancy transitions or anything. ;)
    From a few seconds worth of playing, I can see that it does have all sorts of fancy things under filters...
  9. the good thing about GPL software is... if you want another feature, you can just get the source and add it yourself :)
  10. at the moment i basically have a few .avi files from the camera, which are too big for the host site i want to upload them to.
    i just needa cut a bit off the start or end or both, save it again, and then upload.

    anything nice and simple for that? i am running XP Home sp2. i dont have ubuntu. or anything else non-conformist :LOL: :?
  11. avidemux will do that just perfectly.
    you dont need ubuntu or anything


    the package should include the GTK (Gnome Toolkit) which is required to draw the Gnome object based interface in windows
  12. Not absolutely free, but Quicktime Pro is only 40 bucks or so and *just works* on Mac or Windows, well supported, intuitive and simple. It's my goto solution for this kind of stuff.
  13. What format are the videos in?
    If they're MPEG try Womble MPEG-VCR. It's designed solely for quick and easy trimming of video files and I'm fairly sure the only limitation on the demo version is a time limit (of course you could always "acquire" the full version).
  14. used MS moviemaker coz i found it on the PC :LOL:
    easy to do, but i've gone from an .avi file to .wma file.
    what i dont get is the following.
    i saved it at maximum detail.
    so the video size was doubled, the audio and video bitrates were increased massively, etc etc, and yet the quality when viewed is worse, mainly the audio, there is more distortion/static. also the actual file size is less even with these increases...


    all i can assume is WMA filetypes suck arse, i want to edit the .avi and keep it as a .avi file. long story short its 103mb and i need to cut it to under 100mb to upload to photobucket with the rest of my shiz.

    gah this is taking forever.

    haksu, will avidemux allow me to do the above, cut it shorter and keep it as an .avi file without reducing quality in any manner?

    or anyone got any other FREE ideas?
    sorry Bravus but i cbf paying, im poor and tight :p
  15. bonus points for anyone who can guess who i filmed at Summadayze, it was F*^KING amazing! :grin: :grin: :grin:
  16. nibor, yes it should do the trick nicely
    depends if you want to encode with divx/xvid/h.264 or package up in matroska etc

    but if the above means gobbledigoop to you, then yes, avidemux will retain all the settings you desire.

    the problem with upping the bitrate of video and sound (not to mention resolution) is that you end up with pixellation and artefacts (big blobs of colour) as it tries to upscale from a lower size and quality input

    indicate the same settings for output as input and you're laughing
  17. so if i just use MS moviemaker but set the output quality the same as input, it wont go static on me? the image quality didnt seem that bad. considering the content is alot of flashing lights and im not exactly standing still haha, i couldnt see much artefacting.

    or should i download avidemux? i think i might do that. the less i associate myself with MS, the better :LOL:

    just on another forum, i saw this :grin:

  18. Good point, you should install linux