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VIC Freetalking about the Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Group

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by raven, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. Rob, is the MAG an effective organisation, generally speaking?
    How do we get heard by them?
    I mean, what is the chain of command, which we must persue to be heard.

    (I'm thinking here of the hurt report and how a newer version of such, would perhaps(?), go a long way to serve our cause.) maybe they can't request it?

    Any idea why they wouldn't be beaten the idiots at TAC over head with a big stick for the general tone of advertising campaigns. Like there last foray into the land of noddy.

    I addressed Rob, but if anyone else knows some answers then chime in.

    I'm trying get a pictur of the lay of the land....that's all
  2. Re: Sir Strickers! Stuart Strickland OAM! Queens bday honours.

    As much as any advisory group can be. The RSC inquiry will make some comments about the structure and set up of the MAG.

    That's a good question. There are some secrecy clauses (which baffle me to be honest) which means that MAG stuff can't be disseminated freely and widely without prior approval. MAG members do need to tap into the MC community from time to time to bring the broader picture to the MAG - so there is a bit of tension around this secrecy issue. There's a Vicroads MAG page - contact details might be there. Just incase it's not clear, at the moment, MAG is an advisory group that reports to Vicroads and not the Minister as it did in the past.

    Several MAG members also access NR so they have a finger on the NR pulse and MC issues. Alternatively, if you google Heather Ellis, she has an ongoing blog where she shares her MAG experience/information.

    TAC have had to defend themselves, and still are defending themselves, over the reconstruction advert abomination. They didn't consult with MAG as they claimed. There's been a retraction in that regards. I don't think MAG can hit TAC hard over the head, but with an Officer of the Order of Australia at it's head and emminent people on the group including an OAM, I suspect the political possibilities just took a substantial step upwards.
  3. Re: Sir Strickers! Stuart Strickland OAM! Queens bday honours.

    MAG is not as effective a group as VMAC was.

    VMAC was a Ministerial Advisory Council reporting to the Minister.
    It had a direct say on how the levy money was spent (and frequently vetoed VicRoads proposals). Most of us on there were appointed as representatives of various organisations and as such, could be considered to have a responsibility (and probably, a right) to report back to those organisations.

    MAG effectively 'defanged" VMAC. It is now a VicRoads Advisory Group and advices VicRoads. this means that issues dealing with other agencies (like VicPol and the TAC) are outside of it's purview.

    The appointees are now mostly appointed as "independent" experts - apart from the various agencies and the RACV (who supposedly represent all other road users - although I'd be interested to know if the Pedestrian Council and Bicycle Victoria agreed with that).

    In the case of those of us appointed in our individual "independent" capacity, it's fairly obvious that we are selected on the basis of the organisations that we either formally represent or which are requested to propose their members , the claim is that all such appointments are ‘independent appointments’ and not as representatives of the organisations of which the appointees are a part. Consequently we are expected to provide an insight into our own organisations, but don't have the right (officially) to consult with them.

    Having said that, MAG is now working through a communications strategy as to how we can communicate.

    Additionally, two of the more vocal and effective VMAC members were not reappointed toMAG - Hollie Black and Cam Cuthill.

    Input into the spending of levy money is now at a "strategic" level - not at the specific project level we previously had although exactly what this means is still being worked out...

    If you want anything raised, contact any of the rider members, me, Rob Smith, Stuart, Heather Ellis (no relation) etc.
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  4. Re: Sir Strickers! Stuart Strickland OAM! Queens bday honours.

    Some questions that hopefully won't breach secrecy clauses:

    Is MAG the preferred Vicroads entity, and did they lobby for it?
    Notwithstanding the greater limitations, are Vicroads themselves appearing to be more or less receptive to advice than the previous arrangement?
    Is there any evidence of them passing advice to government, and with positive or negative results?

    If you can't answer, that's understood.
  5. Since the OT isn't OAM award related, I've split it off into it's own thread. Carry on.
  6. Re: Terms of Reference VMAG, VMAC

    The changes were done to bring it into line with other groups such as bicycles and heavy vehicles etc. The problem is though that the levy is a purely motorcycle thing so we are different to those groups.

    Here's the terms of reference for the two bodies.

  7. Re: Terms of Reference VMAG, VMAC

    Is there any insight / explanation as to how many of these positions are filled, and / or how VicRoads came to be aware of these individuals' appropriateness or interest?
  8. Re: Terms of Reference VMAG, VMAC

    A member list is available on the MAG web site

    Members were carried over from VMAC -with the exception of the aforementioned (Hollie and Cameron). Peter Baulch has essentially replaced Detlef Lamp. Heather Ellis is a new appointment.

    MUARC are no longer represented however.

    You may find this extract from the Q&A's on the web page somewhat ironic...

    Why was the group developed?
    The group was developed to deliver the Victorian Coalition Government’s commitment to give motorcycle groups and the industry stronger representation in decision making processes
  9. It's early days to be saying this, but judging by the quality of a number of the representatives already appointed, it appears that Vicroads have not gone out of their way to stack the cards adversely. I hope I'm proved right.
  10. How much does VMAG cost to run every year, how much are members paid and who pays for it all?
  11. Re: Sir Strickers! Stuart Strickland OAM! Queens bday honours.

    Thanks for the info Rob.
    And I agree, TAC will at least have to acknowledge and give due regard to their opinions (representatives of MAG)
    But I still lack faith in either TAC or VIC Roads, to produce anything actually useful when it comes to bikes. I don't believe they give a stuff. They are lucky that we are powerless, to replace the hierarchy with people who will accept bikes as a legitimate part of the framework of transportation systems.
    Oh well.
    Ta mate.
  12. Sorry, I missed that question earlier.

    Running costs (basically secretariat services) are paid for by VicRoads; I don't know what the actual dollar costs are but they would be pretty minimal.

    Members get about $100 per meeting (and it's taxable). Since it meets four times a year it's not exactly a lot. Especially if you took into account the hours spent outside the meetings. I assume the chair gets a fair bit more.

    When I was MRA secretary it went towards covering the ongoing expenses like postage, phone etc.
  13. Many thanks Tony. The way I see it they give our people peanuts but give all their contractor/supplier mates the bulk of it under the guise of safety.