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Freestyle Honda - Frankston

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by cougs, May 3, 2013.

  1. Hi all - just wanted to have a bit of a rant about my experience with the above.

    Put in the wife's VT400 02 model for a RWC and tune up as it was running rough. Just bought it so obviously need the RWC and wanted to give it the once over and make sure she's hunky dory.

    Main problem was a flat spot around 1/2 throttle. It sorta died then would pick up and rev again, but was a little off at the top end as well.

    So just under $300 and 3 weeks later I picked it up tonight to take elsewhere as I had no confidence they were getting anywhere...

    Apparently there was a problem with the air box - fixed but took 3 days to work it out and then apparently not so fixed

    Apparently there was a problem with the jets - took 3 days to get an answer from Honda (yep, they're a dealer) and another 3 to stuff around and conclude maybe not so fixed

    Apparently the CDI unit was faulty. Diagnosed after getting a test tool from Honda. Sent away for rewinding, a week later apparently not rewound as the supplier tested it and no problems.

    So I said today - if you're not confident in getting it fixed by this time next week tell me and I'll go elsewhere...talk about give em an out!

    So I picked it up tonight ($300 later for seemingly no result, apparently it is roadworthy but no RWC done cos it's not running right still....) and ride it home.

    Well, tried to. It does about 1/2 way into the 4km trip.

    So - I now have $300 less, a cranky wife who hasn't been for a ride in a month, and a bike I've just trailered home. Meh, these things happen with 2nd hand bikes and I did get it for a bargain, and am sure it will be fixed soon.

    But the thing that frustrated me (and take note Freestyle if you read this) is the fact that in 3 weeks I made 13 phone calls to see if it would be ready - and every call I was assured it would be tomorrow and they would ring by lunchtime to confirm. Not once did they ring me for an update without me calling first.

    And THAT is what costs businesses customers - just pure old shit service.
  2. mate that sucks, talk about lack of customer service. They obviously dont give a shit. Hope you get it sorted and the missus gets off your case :D
  3. Give Honda Australia an email saying how you disappointed in the service and how you were treated. They have very good support but too bad a lot of there dealerships don't. I had a problem when I bought a bike and wasn't given a tail tidy and screen that Honda advertised as free extras at the time. Apparently my bike wasn't apart of that deal until I sent them an email and I had the parts 2 days later. I also had the Victorian Honda rep ring me after hours to apologise for the hassles. Too bad we need dealerships for things like road worthys. Hope you get it sorted
  4. I only deal with their spares dept.
    Great bunch of guys there.
  5. I didn't have any issues with the RW for the VTR from there.
  6. That's because the VTR didn't need any work done.
    Maintained to perfection!!! LOL (y)
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  7. Which is exactly what they said... I obviously have a pretty good mechanic!
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  8. Why did you pay if they didnt provide?...

    If they refused to release the bike I would of threatened to involve fair trading.
  9. Yep - all very well to say that but I really can't be arsed with another week or two fighting them through fair trading or whoever. Running a business myself I know the value of customer service and reputation; but I also know how easy it is as a business to drag your feet on issues when there is a complaint. If someone threatens me with fair trading or whoever my response is usually 'well that's your right' etc as most often it's just a bluff to get a discount or refuse payment.

    I've also bought spares and accessories there before with no drama - just really disappointed at their service.

    Update - I played around for 2hrs myself this morning and got it 90% right. The problem last night was a split fuel line between tap & filter (knew at the time it would be something simple) and I've also found a loose terminal on the rear cylinder coil. Mrs rode the bike this arvo for an hr (after test riding by me) and says its running better than before it went in.

    Now all I need to do is get the time right and RWC - will go in this week.

    I think the issue here is its a little different than a std roadworthy or service and their mechanic just wasn't up to it, coupled with a preference for 'easy' work so mine kept getting pushed to the back of the queue. An inherent problem with a lot of dealers unfortunately.

    Maybe I should have got @streetmaster to fix then just put it on for the RWC.

    Oh, and incidentally the speedo wasn't working last night but today since I've plugged the wiring loom back in it is...
  10. Just a final update to close this out if anyone is watching or interested.

    Bike went in to 60 Degrees for a tune & RWC. No dramas at all, bike is 100% on what it was and the communication back from Kat and Geoff who worked on the bike was fantastic....will definitely return in future!

    Speedo issue was an intermittently dodgy sender unit which they sourced & replaced for me

    Happy Mrs Cougs now...
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  11. Had a chat to some of the guys down there.
    How many times did they call you??
  12. Returned my call twice on the same day (few days apart)

    Every other time despite promising to call & update by (insert day, or time) I had to chase them.

    As I said in the OP, and told the manager at the time I picked the bike back up - my biggest issue was the communication (or lack thereof)