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Freedom, peace, tranquility and twistys

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Oldmaid, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. So after giving myself a GU you could put a fist through all the stars finally bloody well aligned.
    I went from dribbling, foaming hysteria to now skipping around my new pad for the next six months grinning like a loon and so so so friggin happy I actually cried tears of joy. Feel ten years younger already...
    Yesterday was trauma personified with changing pick up times from the removalists..was to be 1700 WTF then 14/8 so had a dummy spit about that because I was driving up to Port on 13/8 and it is a mongrel trip at evening peak and then you get to play truckie dogems further north...
    Those of you who know me, will (hopefully) agree I am reasonably easy going, rarely arrogant and rarely play the 'I'm a doctor card' but by jesus I really play an open misere with it when needed trust me. Not my proudest moment but hey the removalists were here at 1245 and the poor owner rang me to apologise etc. hey it is NSW taxpayers' money and it is scandalous what they paid out, so may as well get bang for buck. I was quite happy to arrange moving myself but NOT allowed to, even though I could have done it for almost a third of the price!

    I was responsible for moving my bike thank god, and Fay Johnston and Karl from Just Motorbike transport were exceptional. Came and ( :cry: ) got little Wasabi at 1400 ish and she was in with some very nice company for her trip. I was more emotional about the bike than anything else...sad but true.

    So the trip north was punctuated by school zones on major frickin roads, lots of HWP lurking between Hornsby and Ourimbah but somehow I knew where they were.
    But can I just say having previously owned a very nice Honda Accord and a hot little Audi, my circus car wonny the Barina, is a great little car. We sat on 130km/hr most of the way except for bloody Hexham-Raymond Terrace stretch and even nudged 160 at one stage...got up here using about 5/8 of a tank of juice!
    But the views on twilight were breath taking. I so wanted to stop and take a pic but pedal to the metal it was.
    Ominous views of the Brothers in the distance looked like huge waves of olive green about to smash the land and the views on the river water under the bridges with no breeze, a dying sun and those lovely dappled grey/blue clouds reflecting...ahhhh, just wanted to go find some where to camp...then signs started saying Wauchope Oxley OXLEY HWY woooohooo jiggling in my car seat...
    I did see a couple of signs saying roadworks on the Oxley -looks like they are straightening a section at Kanda something or other :(
    Then the stars started to come out and lure me further northwards...and so here I was in Port in the dark soooooo quiet. Took 4 hrs with one stop not too bad. Would have bored me to tears on the bike though...slab,,gdonk gdonk gdonk et.al.
    The girl turned up at 2000 as promised and we embraced and I parked her with wonny the circus master at the hotel for the night.

    So here I am did the car then taxi to get bike shuffle and of course my bike gear came with me. So lovingly unpacked the bike paraphernalia. Writing this whilst waiting for the removalists to turn up with my assortment of broken glassware...
    Look at my special bike gear cupboard I was beside myself ..nearly jumped up and down on every bed...

    And I have the garage sorted for Wasabi as well. But plenty of room for visitor's bikes... :D
    The removalists...loved the sticky beaking neighbours lol
    Wasabi geting lifted up
    Wasabi getting tied up for her own good...nice
    Wasabi winking as the doors shut on her ... I cried a little...pathetic I know
    The shrine of gear...all mine...my stuff...my special room
    Wasabi tucked in front of Wonny the circus master...no bastid will be able to get her out easily from there (ha myself included!)

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  2. I heard reports that the removalists were seen fanging the crap out of your bike yesterday. Just before you turned up.

    Congrats on the move and get some big ass chains for the bike that's an easy steal like that.
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  3. Glad the big move went well in the end for you and Wasbi, and now you have the Oxley on your doorstep :) Jealous!!
  4. Ha...Karl said he doesn't ride and that pleases a lot of customers. He knows of some people who if they get the keys take some of the more desirable rides for a fang. I knew wasabi would be high on the list for a ride so I took the keys just in case...
    Re the chains...ya still think I need em with Wonny and Wasabi kissin each other...they can't move her forward...are you thinking skate board under the back wheel and up the side...
  5. Glad your move went well. Hope all your regular stuff was undamaged as well. Hope to hear stories of your rides, especially the Oxley.
  6. A hoot! Well done! Jealous as heck though. Freedom and fresh air!~ :singing:
  7. The mystery boxes are about 2hours away I am told. Haven't done a jigsaw or played with araldite for a while.

    After I went and picked up the wasabi, I went for a quick and disciplined ride the long way back to my abode.
    It is jaw droppingly beautiful today...about 22oC, blue clear skies, water that amazing emerald blue colour that stretches as far as the eye can see, golden inviting sands and I even saw a whale popping its head up whilst heading south...I am sure I am in heaven...next the Oxley...next weekend.
    I resisted the temptation to keep exploring on the bike and now warming the lounge listening to a cacophony of birds calling to their mates...

    Don't forget there is a spare bed for visitors and this lounge seems okay as well ;)
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  8. What happens when the car is not there.
    Even if the car is there it only takes a snip of the handbrake cable (from under the car) and it can be wheeled back by one person.

    I'd be chaining the bike to either an anchor point in the ground (the screw holes can easily be filled in when you go) or if you're not up to that chain the bike to the car's tow hook.
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  9. Great news.
    Settle in, relax, explore and figure it all out.

    I shall be along soon enough.
    Don't wear out the fun roads before I get there!
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  10. How are you set for next week?
  11. WombleWomble
    A little tricky for weekend of 22nd.
    Following weekend looks better
  12. I've told the work people that I cannot start until Tuesday week so I've got next week free then it's balls to the wall after that (if they agree to my outrageous pay demands).
  13. Hmmm.
    I'll count up how many people I'll p off if I'm out of town on 22/23.
    Get back to you...
  14. Glad to see it all go well for you. "Have fun in the Oxley", I say, with not a hint of jealousy in my voice.
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  15. Lol I read that temp as "220 C" at first - didn't know you went to hell ...
  16. Na that was yesterday and 220 was my BP...
    Lol haven't mastered superscript on the idiot lad yet... ;)
  17. I can chain her to the hot water system...I know that'll work I used to be tied to one when I was a kid so I wouldn't run away when time to wash my hair :(
    TBH I am more worried about when I ride to work or shopping...a lot of thieving up here apparently...but so far I have to say everyone has shown me nothing but a lovely laconic country welcoming...
    Pair of chain smokin, breeding, bush pigs living next door to me but at least only wailing along pissed to Adele and Alanis Morrisett at full blast...could be worse could be robbie williams :D as long as they share what I can smell wafting in...and no it ain't dinner
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  18. Have fun!
    Somebody my dad knew way back when had a Harley parked like that, and somehow they managed to steal it by getting it OVER the car.
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  19. Glad to hear things are going well with the move.

    Will most certainly plan a visit in the following months. Just on the verge of accepting a new job offer so need to finalise a few things first.
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