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freebird...the movie

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by gc33, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,new bike movie coming out. Its called freebird. Based in ol blighty(UK) the word is that finally a real bike movie. I have yet to see it however there was apparently a sneak screening on the Isle of man while we were there.
    Check this website out and watch the trailer.
    Will be interesting to see what its like. Hasnt been too many good bike movies cept easyrider and stone.
    Should be an absolute hoot....

  2. It's not a proper bike movie if it doesn't have Ice Cube in it.

    Does it have Ice Cube in it?
  3. full of silly poms and sound like an aussie in it too.....watch the movie trailer.
  4. Haha, looks like a great movie!
  5. I plenty liked Layer Cake

    i think this one will be good, but not great
  6. sounds good, when is it gonna be down under ?

  7. dunno, waiting for an email back regarding when it will be here.
  8. Nah, but look:

    "Originally intended as a nice weekend in the country, Fred has now found himself making a promise to his old friend the Chairman that whatever situations arise he will not return empty handed."
  9. Finally a Motorcycle Film with a real Motorcycle in it

    Moto Guzzi
  10. Interesting review of it here

    Quote: So does this film show bikers in a positive light as responsible citizens employing a socially acceptable transport mode in a manner designed to address 21st century congestion and mobility issues? Errr not quite.

    Actually it parodies every negative stereotype from the worst of the 70s New English Library catalogue of conflict and excess. There's even a seven foot simpleton in a wrestler mask and a thug with a four clawed mace who rides his Triumph without a helmet, it's anarchy Jim and just how we love it.

    Sounds good :LOL:
  11. Easy rider is boring as shiat.


  12. What!!! more bits for the rattle trap :grin: