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VIC Free to newbies. Must be a learner

Discussion in 'Free To Good Home' started by bobthekelpy, Jan 29, 2016.

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  1. Being inspired by another thread on here, I wish to pay forward some gear to learner license holders. Must be able to demonstrate this too i.e.; show your license, so no cheating or taking advantage.. Local pick up preferred, but can post at your expense if interstate.

    Finn Moto leather jacket and pants, they zip together via a short zip at the back.
    I am 169cm, 70kg, but this is the minimum, they'd ideally fit someone about 175cm, 75kg.
    Pants are a 34inch waist, jacket size small, but is a little large on me (I'm 92cm chest).
    Armour on knees, hips, elbows and shoulders with a Knox TP2 back protector.


    I also have a pair of white Knox Orsa perforated leather gloves, size Medium. These fit very true to size, so check out the link first.
    Fully CE approved Orsa Leather perforated summer motorbike gloves
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  2. Its a shame i'm A. Not a learner. B. Fat
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  3. good onya Bob
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  4. Generous mate. Well played.
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  5. nice work
  6. I've personally experienced your generosity in the past bobthekelpybobthekelpy. (The Oxford tail/tank bag is working a treat)

    You're a true gentleman and this offer only serves as further proof of the fact.
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  7. Great stuff!
  8. Superb Bob. Can't believe this thread is still live.

    Never look a gift horse and all that............ c'mon learners, wake up.
  9. Ah geez this would be absolute brill since I'm just starting out and can't afford some good gear at the moment. Is it still available or have I come too late >:O
  10. Hey mate, not sure if i qualify as a learner (had my motorcycle license 1 month if that). I am an apprentice chef and cannot afford such beauties as these. If they havent been snatched up please let me know.

    Thanks mate.
  11. LionzLionz - they appear to be awake now lol
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  12. Ninja-300-DylanNinja-300-Dylan, FlavouredbreadFlavouredbread was the first to reply, so I'll be fair and give him first dibs mate. But I can contact you later if he doesn't take them.

    FlavouredbreadFlavouredbread, they are still available. I'm out in Pakenham if you wanted to try them on first? I can bring them to my work place in Notting Hill though if it helps? Or, otherwise I can post them to you at your expense, just let me know what you prefer.
  13. If it doesn't fit me somehow I'll send em off to you mate.

  14. Hey mate, not a problem at all.
    I would have looked nice in them ;)

    Enjoy them man
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