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Free Tix to Broadford Historics 29th and 30th march

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by ajl, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. As heading says, free tix to broadford historics this weekend
    Got one ticket that won't be needed (can be used as family or single)

    PM me if someone wants it, i check in later today

  2. Gone and gone
  3. Went on Saturday, was really fun. Saw a 1098R blitz the field in the BEARS race.
  4. There are only 2 of them in Oz, and they were both there today. John allen was close to the outright lap record, on one of them. The other is his spare bike. If you go on Sun, look me up. I will be at the top of the control tower. Ask for Rog. Someone will point.
  5. MVrog does John Allen just compete at Club level? When I saw both bikes and what they were I was amazed at the expense for such equipment! Not only one 1098R but a spare :eek:
  6. John has what every road racer needs, a very generous sposer.
  7. John Allen competes at National level, with a few International forays. He is a multiple Aust. Champ. He has a top sponsor. Aluma-lite industries.
  8. I hope none of you got grabbed by the booze bus at the gate, on sunday arvo.
  9. Rog was the sidecar passenger of the flipped sidecar on Saturday alright? There was another accident in turn 1/2 and the guy was wearing a neck brace!
  10. Both people from that sidecar crash were racing again on sunday. No one was badly hurt all weekend, which was great.
  11. it was a good weekend, couldn't make the sat but sunday was great. good that there were so few incidents.

    MV, do u go to the winton meet as well? If so whats it like?