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Free tix for Broadford

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by MVrog, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. I have 5 free tickets for the races at Broadford this weekend. I would prefer that they went to nr members. If you can use one, pm me. You will have to tell me your real name, cos you will have to get them at the gate. Your name will be on an envelope. Easy really. First 5 pm's get them.

  2. So, who else is going?
    Maybe we could hook up and ride up together.
    Alli and I will be going up Heidelberg/Kinglake rd, onto Kinglake West, then onto Broadford the backway via Flowerdale/ Strathcreek.
    PM me if ya wanna hook up along the way.
  3. I'll be racing on the little SV...
  4. Only given away 2 tix so far. 3 to go. Surprised that they have lasted this long.
  5. This weekend should be good. For most, it will be the first race back from the summer break with lots of time for people to recuperate after the xmas festivities. If they're anything like me, they'll be chomping on the bit to get back out there.

    Take the free tix and have a wander round. Whilst not up there with PI, Valencia and Qatar, Broadford is a nice little circuit, technical, reasonably fast and heaps of fun.

    If you're coming, there is food available, but there are facilities in Broadford itself. The weather for the weekend is forecast for cool but dry (and increasingly sunny) conditions.

    Bring a friend, have a butchers and maybe even look around and see if racing is for you. You'll have a great day and make the event even more fun for the competitors.

    Broadford circuit is 1km off the Hume Freeway. Turn right at the exit (from Melbourne) and the track is to your right.
  6. Cliff, this is pox. I have only given tix to Caz v1 and alli. I guess that the nr blokes don't wanna come. Bastards. They are probably going to a trainspotters meeting instead. It shits me when I can't give away free stuff. This would never happen in New Zealand.
  7. MV, your last post gave me a laugh. If it makes you feel better, I'd come down from Sydney if you were offering free track day tickets.

    Agreed that spectating at Aus racing is not very well patronised.
  8. Sounds like Melbourne people are as spoilt as Brisbanites for entertainment*. Looking forward to heading up to Townsville where apparently we'll get a great crowd for our racing.

    *They're all poofs and would rather go watch some Ballet.

    PS Good luck guys! :grin:
  9. PM sent...
  10. Rog, what time does the fun begin on Sunday morning?
  11. No thats not the case, it's just loz's party is on the saturday day/night, and well you have an idea of how a few of us party :LOL: :wink:
  12. +1

    Lets move Loz's party to Broadford. We could run the 'Pissed & ? Cup'.
    I haven't raced for a while. :cool:
  13. Saturday AND Sunday guys. Unless you were starting the party @ 9am Saturday?
  14. nah starts at 12 :p
  15. We'll have a wake for your livers.
  16. Racing starts at around 1030 sunday, and if Cazv1 and I can go to both, the rest of you softies should be able to as well. Go hard or go home.
  17. We sure know how you like to party stewy...


    And we love it! :LOL:

    I would have loved to come cejay to see you race, but working Sat 7am-3pm, then Loz's party, and have to move houses on Sunday :(
  18. The younger generation just don't have the stamina these days. :LOL: :p
  19. Hi MVrog,

    i'd love to go if i can get clearance from the mrs so would it be possible to put one on reserve till tonight, and Caz V1 i would love to join you guys on the ride pending clearance and would be coming up from edithvale.

  20. Myself and the Girlie have put dibs on two of the tickets. Not sure which day we are going to go to (can't be both... damn work...).

    Iffen we are going same day, the scenic way there sounds good!