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Free suspension class @ Broadford 14/8/2010

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Johnny O, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. Hey Guy's,

    For anyone interested in learning how to set up the suspension on their bikes, I will be running classes at the Preston Mototrcycle Club fun-day/race-school at Broadford race circuit on Saturday the 14th of this month (August).

    These classes are free, we will get underway about 9am ish. Sessions will run throughout the day.

  2. cool.
    Can anyone just rock up?
    Will I need anything in particular
    And how long does it go for?
  3. Bummer. :( I'd love to come Johnny, but I've got a HART course on that day.
  4. Hey JO, few questions;

    Is it a trackday and your running the classes between sessions or can people attend your classes and not do the trackday?

    Sounds very good, cheers

    Edit: just seen/read the other thread. Can one attend the classes without the trackday component?

  5. I am testing my own bike in the race bike practise sessions (in between the race school 'on track' sessions), I will run the suspension classes in a classroom type session between my own practise sessions.

    Anyone is free to sit in, I will try to structure it so that anyone doing the race school can still sit-in on some stuff.

    Anyone not doing the race school is still welcome to join in.

    I expect they'll run 6 or 7 sessions during the day, I'm happy to work on a different matter between each of my sessions.

    Regards, John
  6. Will you be able to do a video for those who can't make it?
  7. A video would be great... i cant make it on the day.
  8. Anyone offering? Am struggling with basic bluetooth stuff in the house, let alone race track stuff. Maybe someone posting up in the photograghers section would like to do it.