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Free Stuff from Yamaha

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by drchaotica, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. I'm thinking of getting a new Virago, esp since Yamaha are throwing in a free Jacket, Helmet & Gloves. But does anyone know what exactly you get? Or does it depend on what dealer you visit?

  2. They will be set items, as what you get depends upon what type of bike you buy. For the Virago, it's worth $998 RRP to you. Suggestion .. ring a dealer and ask, then come back here and let us know :)
  3. Where did you hear about this? Is it on their website? I couldn't find anyhting. It might be interesting, I might look at getting my missus one so we can ride together. She borrows my sisters gear to ride now, so having her own gear would be great.
  4. Thank you kindly.
  5. howdy there drchaotica i've just recently bought a new bike with this extra deal you normally recieve axo riding gear but it will depend on availability if they don't have the gear they replace it gear of similar quality/pricing hope this helps :D
  6. i know about the axo stuff cos i work for a yamaha shop.

    It's reasonably good quality, but we're finding yamaha unable to supply us with enough to fulfill orders so they're sending us falco boots and bikers club jackets, but they are also ok. Only thing with is that neither you or we have any choice in the colors available, and I'm finding that certain sizes are certain colors.
  7. Thanks for that info.

    I'll try to get to my local dealer and have a squiz....