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Free stuff: from me to youse with love

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Guys

    We've got a bunch of stuff we were thinking of putting outside in hard garbage because it's just taking up space here. If anyone wants it just send me a PM or gimme a ring.


    1) 2-seater couch - bit saggy but good to lie on. Never chundered on, that was a joke.

    2) Old-style TV on legs - still works, picture fine, volume switch a touch wonky. Might be a 51cm, might be a 68, not sure, biggish, anyway.

    GONE (Jamie): Exercise bike - silent magnetic type. Exercise has no place in my home.

    GONE: Bar fridge - works, but hasn't been used for a while, therefore, stinks. May still contain marijuana stash of previous housemate at no extra charge.

    GONE (stewy): Large framed photomontage poster of yoda - get your geek on. Possibly the most embarrassing present I ever received.

    GONE (Roger): Vertical CD rack for about 50 CDs - niiiiiice rack.

    GONE (Macca): Sandwich press jaffle maker - never unwrapped, never jaffled.

    GONE (long ago): One supermarket trolley - reserved for Stumpy.

    GONE: Viewsonic 17" Computer monitor - one colour seems to go on and off, but otherwise still works great.

    GONE: One set bathroom scales - which will be relieved I won't be standing on them any more.

    We're moving house soon, and if nobody wants this stuff it's going to get chucked.

    Go bananas
  2. Blasphemy.
  3. this sh!t is bananas

  4. loz wrote

    you heard him! its mine, now BACK OFF!


    thank you loz xxoo
  5. :rofl: Shoooppping trollllley :rofl:

    :LOL: :LOL:

    Ahhh you kill me bro. :)

    How wonky are the wheels??
  6. robsalvv wrote

    your behind the times yo rob! loz has a pic of a trolly for every occasion!

    if i mention rust in a post, he'll post a pic of a rusty trolly :LOL:

    now back off! it's mine i tell you!

    i know you want it rob but i have the trolly status here!

    it has 3 wheels doesnt it loz?
  7. Dstump, stop it, you're killing me.

    You can have the trolley darl. I'm sure this one is the out of control deluxe model. :)
  8. :LOL:

    robsalvv wrote

    that's right, back off, no body gets hurt

    that'll be the dream rob, that'll be the dream
  9. Loz, the cd rack would look tasty. Swap for a case of wine?
  10. Haha OK so Rog' wants the CD rack and Stumpy gets a trolley. Here ya go darlz:


    I've had about nine enquiries about the jaffle maker, I'm not sure who got in first. Should we settle this with a jelly wrestling match?
  11. Want it you do? Star wars nerd you are?
  12. dammit I can't carry that yoda pic back on the bikes....
  13. Actually, on countback, we have a winner for the jaffle machine who got in significantly before everyone else. I'll start editing the list.
  14. Thanks bloke. I was unable to post for some weird-arse reason last night, so it had to be MSN'd.. :?
  15. loz, is that the same trolly you put in another post? twas lying on the grass.

    i dont like it, its got 4 wheels

    it looks like it MAY have a slight rust problem about to appear, im not sure tho, will have to have it checked.

    cheers :cool:
  16. Heyyyy watch it with the anti-Star wars stuff.....:)
    A poster of Yoda methinks is great....

    (If I wasnt so far away I'd be in that one...) :evil:
  17. eh MVrog, you got it the wrong way round ... the case of wine will fit in the trolley, not the CD rack. Beats carrying the wine box.
    Besides it's such a baaaaad trolley, it needs a case of wine to cheer it up.

    But if Jaq wants to swap the CD rack for the trolley, will be in that. The trolley would hold a lot more CD's.
  18. the trolly has too many legs, its not cool enough for me :wink:
  19. Where abouts in Melb? And what sort of condition are the scales in? Are they somewhat accurate?
  20. Flemington bro.

    The scales must be waaaay inaccurate, they keep telling me I'm a fat c*nt.

    /OK, let's face it, they're in great condition and fine working order. I just got some new electronic ones that'll do quadruple digits.