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Free SMS

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Flipper, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Just thought I would let people in on a web site that my son has found. It's http://www.intazaar.com.au/ and when you join up you get 30 free sms messages a day. Only catch seems to be that the sms you send has .z on the end. Thought it might be handy for those on prepaid or those who want to lower there mobile phone bills :)

  2. dude.. that's pretty awesome.. :D thanks for that :D
  3. That's dudette to you :p ;)
  4. There could be a catch somewhere.... :eek:
  5. read the privacy policy before you decided this is for you. :p
  6. I joined a free sms thing last year and was being sent messages all the time from people wanting to be my friend :shock: . They were all from Asian countries, too!
  7. :rofl:
    "intazaar's demographic targeting Engine (DTE), enables online based advertisements to be directed to client specified demographics. intazaar currently has records of age, gender, location, occupation and industry for each user of our services. Combinations of these demographic parameters can be selected, and only those users who meet the specified demographics will be exposed to the advertisement.
    The DTE has been deployed throughout all intazaar Group websites, and is also available for third party distribution onto other websites. Please contact us for more information on our Demographic targeting engine third party technology.
    "By July 2005, a free SMS service coupled with the advertising system was conceived, free SMS designed to draw users to be exposed to the targeted advertising."