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Free shower heads

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by BlueRex, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. Someone recently told me that in order to save water the Vic Government is giving away water saving shower heads for free. Has anyone else heard this and if so is there a website for it?

    My shower head is so damn old and if this is true i might take advantage of it

  2. Thanks, City West Water are exchanging them for my side of town.
  3. I've also heard that most of the water authorities offer a rebate on changing from a single to a dual flush loo... not sure how correct that is either... wonder if the shower thing applies in Tassie seeing as we have just removed one...
  4. Here you have to take your old shower head and arm into the water company for a swap over
  5. we had a similar thing for light globes. Some brittish chick came to our house (on belhalf of the "green government") and offered to swap all our light globes for energy efficient ones. Unfotunatly the energy effiecent globes are too long and wont fit in any of the sockets. Even with my bedroom lamp it sticks out a bit too far. Im in syd btw
  6. wonder if thats in bris too.. we in water restrictions level 4 .... so yeeah.... shower heads are a real problem i reckon... and gettin onto places that wash their floor at night i.e. restaurants, cafes etc