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free shipping EXCEPT for you!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by twainharte, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. so, for two polo's, pair of pants, and a cap that is yet to be discounted, mind you, from a US based online outdoor store, shipping IS, um, how much...


  2. Ouch....
  3. Is that backcountry.com? If not its the same layout. Coz I bought a jacket from them the other day and yeh the free shipping is only to residents in the 'lower 48' US states. No love for us international buyers. :(
  4. ^
    yeah it is. i wish i was living in the states again. ridiculousity! hi, paul:p
  5. twainharte, don't you have anyone you know, living there, who could buy them & pass on. Could be cheaper.

    Confoundidnisity! (gesture of empathy)
  6. Things to watch when buying from USA:

    • Free shipping usually only applies to USA addresses.

      USPS Priority Mail International (US postal service) is a lot cheaper than UPS (United Parcel Service). Got a quote from UPS for $325. Cost me $83 with USPS. Some items are too large for USPS so you have to go with a carrier.

      After you work out the final price you than have to add between 20%-40% onto the cost depending on the US dollar exchange rate is.
    Sometimes it’s just as cheap to buy locally.
  7. Indeed. Not to mention the advantages of doing so. Not really applicable with shirts and a hat, but still.

    Unfortunately, some things are never sold locally (Or the rest of the world gets it 6 months before us)... try to buy online you get hit with exorbitant postage and our pathetic exchange rate.

    With that said, most of the US/UK vendors that I have dealt with have been happy to track down cheaper alternatives for me.

    Good luck :)
  8. What, you can't find clothes in Australia?

    No sympathy, sorry.
  9. I recommend using a freight forwarder instead of getting them shipped direct.

    I've used this lot several times and had good experiences...

  10. ok, it's all sorted.

    sure i can buy locally. this issue has been raised on this forum ad Infinitum.

    two particular items i cannot get here unfortunately, thus the purchase.

  11. A buddy in the US wanted to ship me a guitar, worth about $400 - and it was going to be $600 for postage, because of the size of the object. Fortunately it was cheap to post it to Hawaii, and I was coming to this conference anyway, and we have a mutual buddy here...

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  13. i just picked up two tees and a hoody from the Cannonball guys. cost me a hundred, with $15us postage

    one of the tees has this
    the hoody has filthy motorbikes on it. i'm gonna menace sooooooooooo many elderlies while wearing it, yet still stay toasty toasty warm :)

  14. That is a bit much for shipping.
    I recently had an ESP LTD Viper-CZ shipped from the states. It cost me $99USD for the shipping from Kansas to Melbourne.
    Your friend got ripped off.