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NSW Free: Series 3 mazda RX-7 owners manual

Discussion in 'Free To Good Home' started by Seko, May 7, 2010.

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  1. Not the best place to advertise but... who knows, someone may be interested.

    Free to a good home - Series 3 Mazda Rx-7 owners manual.

    Good condition, comes with vinyl pouch.

    Free postage.

    PM or reply here.
  2. i saw free: Series 3 mazda RX-7..

    Was disapointed when i opened to see you were only giving away a manual =P
  3. Haha - Same - I was wondering why the car would be so hard to sell and was expecting a pile of bits...

    Fun Ha!
  4. I could use this... May just buy another rx7 some time in the future... Eiher that or I wouldn't mind if you gave it to someone who actually HAS one atm!

    Another idea, you'll get rid of in a flash!! Ausrotary.com (if you haven't already heard of it!)
  5. hi, i have a Series 3 1985 Rx7, but it didn't have the owners manual when i bought it. the guy lost them.
    anyway, if they are still available they would go to a good home.

    let me know or send them to

    Terex Cranes
    Attn: Mr Glenn Howden
    PO Box 1396
    Eagle Farm Qld 4009

    Send an address and I'll send you some cash, let me know how much you want for it.

  6. first post man...

    go say hi in the welcome threads
  7. Oh no! he didn't post in the welcome thread!!! Are you the school mistress?
  8. It's yours. Also, welcome to the forums. Check your inbox, have sent PM.

  9. So if it's someone like Smee saying it, it's fine - but if it's someone who's not a moderator we get slandered? Get a life ffs.
  10. no. its always been a wank. smee just gets away with saying it because noone reads what he says anyway :p:wink:. But seriously, I won't have a go at you for saying it, but the whole you-have-to-suck-my-dick-in-this-forum-over-here-before-you-can-ask-your-question thing is just a bit gay if you ask me. Obviously someone else thinks the same.

  11. Could not have said it better myself. =D>=D>

  12. ok i just checked your posts and you havnt made a welcome thread yet, could you please go to the welcome section and introduce yourself :D
  13. :p It's like the uno rule. If you forget to call them out, its too late.
  14. Why you would be welcoming a guy who googled "RX 7 owners manual" and found a netrider topic, then registered so he could ask for it, is definitely beyond me.\\:D/
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.