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FREE: Photography

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by Saradiel, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Hi all, I'm just an amateur photographer, but I'm pretty neat at shooting and editing. So if you're keen on getting some snaps taken of your bike, then just let me know. My name's Dushan and I'm in the Coburg area, Melbourne - Victoria. Cheers!

  2. Drop me a pm with your number
  3. Are you the same Dushan at Monash?
  4. Nah I go to La Trobe, but I think I know who that is, maybe.
  5. Dushan or Dusan?
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  6. I bet you use that free photography line on all the laydees
  7. i could be keen, post up some work, lets have a look.
  8. You might want to check out some vintage bike forums. Might have some more interesting bikes to shoot than the usual RCBRGSXRZX1000rr's.
  9. Dushan.[DOUBLEPOST=1356627330][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Hahaha, yeah you're right, a classic bike makes a whole lot of difference.
  10. It might be an idea for you to post some of your amazing pics to see if you can match what you say with results. No point in you telling us you are good at it without the proof. Include the exif details as well.
  11. might I highlight even more that it's FREE, but sure, anyone who is interested can see my photos.
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  12. Free or not you don't advertise without showing your talents.
    For all we know a person puts up their time for you to turn up with a $60 compact camera. Showcase your talents first.

    POST them on THIS thread exif details included.
  13. Okay true point, will do.
  14. You seem legitimate but understand that the offer of a free photo shoot is one of the oldest scams in the book. People go along and then find out they have to pay for copies etc.

    If you want people to take your offer seriously state that there will be no costs what so ever to the participant, and copies of all photos will be given to the lucky models.

    There are also a lot of decent armature and professional photographers here that are more than happy to talk shop. Talk about some of your shots, what you did and you will learn a lot.
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  15. http://s1273.beta.photobucket.com/user/Saradiel1/library/photographs[DOUBLEPOST=1356664392][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Thanks, what you said is helpful and I see how I might have come across, anyway I posted some photos I've taken since I began. The reason I'm doing this in the first place is to get more experience working with vehicles and bikes, I think that's what I will enjoy. If anyone can give me advice and tips please do, and if you want to know anything more then don't hesitate. Thanks guys.[DOUBLEPOST=1356664496][/DOUBLEPOST]if you guys like the snaps then they are all yours, no cost. Just enjoy them and show your mates.
  16. nice collection of images there. not too ''instagram'' either which is nice...
    but you need more bike pics for sure.
    one idea could be to post up a ride, and plan a few locations to ride to. could be a nice change from a usual ride. and a good chance to talk all things bikes and photography...
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  17. thanks Nosoh, yeah I would love to take more pics of bikes. Right now I'm trying to get my bike started haha, I posted another thread about that. So if you're ever up for anything bike related let me know. Cheers.
  18. Cam I suggest that you make a date and set a location, then post it. If people show, it's a bonus.

    I'd go a few shots of my bike, preferably night shots. In and around Docklands can provide some nice back drops.

    Scout out some places where you'd like to take pics and lets us know.
  19. I can do any date and time people can throw at me, since I'm on holidays. If you have a classic or cruiser then I suggest doing something at Pentridge Prison in Coburg, it has some nice backdrops and areas that would compliment an older bike. For super sport and all modern bikes I think docklands really would be nice, maybe some shots around the harbour, with the marina action in the background. Anyway please let me know as I'm flexible with time and notice.