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Free Phillip Island Ridedays!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nearlyempty, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. Just received this in my Inbox.
    Book a cornering school at the Expo this weekend for the 29th or 30th September and get a free ride day.


    Gutted, absolutely gutted. Booked for the end of October ages ago and now don't have any spare cash.

    Gutted I am, totally gutted!

  2. oh! the bastards! :(

    i'm all pov at the moment too, been meaning to do one of these but keep on finding other things to spend my money on..... BASTARDS!
    Sh*t Sh*t Sh*t.
    I'm already booked in same day as you!

    Wait, wait. Can we cancell the original booking, then rebook immediately to get the freebie???? Cost about $25 cancellation fee, but that's a cheap ride day.
  4. Uh Oh, Read the fine print. The dates are 29 & 30th SEPTEMBER, not November. Obviously the SBK School want your cash asap. Cheers, Slo-Sprinter
  5. Yeah, September, sorry my mistake. (Always getting those two mixed up.)
    Edited the first post to suit.

    Cheers Slo-Sprinter :)
  6. bargain!!!!!