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Free Petrol!?!?!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dje, May 23, 2006.

  1. Was filling up the other day and suddenly the pump stopped.
    This happens to everyone sometimes, often caused by the angle the pump is being held or whatever... anyway, this time it was trickling (allot) with out the fuel/price gauge moving.
    Naturally I held it there for a few minutes trying to look as dumb-founded as possible and eventually called for the servo guy to do something about it.
    Got about 5 litres though!

    This happened to anyone else? Or was I just lucky...

    I dont know if it was the pump or the way I pumped (hmm... sounds juicy), never the less, I was happy.
  3. Well done, i would just fill up and pretend nothing had happened and you were filling up normally. How hard did you push on the handle?
  4. I worked for BP for 17 years......
    this is a common occurence if the underground storage tanks are extremely low, the pumps suck air and the air mixed with fuel prevents the little spinning thing that you see inside the glass bubble from moving because it needs pressure from fuel and not air(on the side of the pump or on the hose near where it connects to the pump or trigger nozzle)
  5. no it hasnt happen to me....
    but it would be good if u share the info of where the servo is and what pump it is
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Happened to me last week, but I only saved about $1.00 LOL you lucky person you... I wish it happened all the time tho :(
  7. you could be lucky, or unlucky as you got hte dregs from the tank, fuel dirt and gunk, and in a few days your bike will start running rough as your carbies block up!!! hope its the former.
  8. So you also risk picking up a load of the crap from the bottom of the underground tank as well??
  9. Ummm, hunny, those bowsers were 18th century :rofl: you hat old?
  10. well it has been 7 years since I worked for them ...lol, but still, pumps must have some sort of flow meter, and if air is sucked into the system they don't work.
  11. This all depends on how often the servo owners/oil companies service the pumps and change the fuel filters.
  12. did you feel bad about getting free fuel, I know i would have :|
  13. yeah i woulda felt REAL bad

    given shell has just released its pre tax profit figures

    70% up on last year

    and we paying $1.47L for juice

  14. shell only made $1.72 billion profit this year
    at least you got something back.
  15. Hahaha...
  16. LOL this has happend to me!! the good old Pintara had a 65l tank... I was not waching the pump next thing the guy is billing me for..... 178l!!! so I told the guy the car takes 65 max... I took the little car manual and showed it to him... next thing I knew... OH how sorry they are bla bla bla and I got the whole tank free!!
  17. YEAH Exactly!

    They should be there as a community service not to make a profit, the cheaky farkers :evil:
  18. i used to work for shell a couple of years ago, and everynow and then one of the new trainees would stuff up the price change and enter eg. 9.1 c/l intead of 91.1 c/l so customers would get nice cheap fuel!! had this one regular who had a 2 100L tanks on his 4WD, lets jst say he was very lucky one day!
  19. mahaha! that happened to me a couple of months back and being a uni student i took full advantage, i only had $5 on me so i'd only topped it up to 1/3rd full when it happened, so i went inside, read a magazine, browsed the food, headed back out and had a good look at the bike (mid ride inspection very important you know) by the time i stopped stuffing around i'd got about half a free tank, very amusing stuff :grin: