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free news posting script for website, links?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by cosi, Oct 2, 2005.

  1. im making a website for my mates to post to while we are in thailand and havn't done the news posting stuff in a few years, what are the good ones around now?

    just simple,

    usernames and dates and stuff
  2. anything a little more simpler?

    thanks anyway jason
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  4. Australia Post is as simple as they come :)
  5. I use a blog php database called Serendipity - www.s9y.org

  6. me thinks cosi is the............rethinks about making that joke due to current situations...

    me thinks cosi needed a new set of jocks after sat night
  7. i meant the stale smell you ashole! <:
  8. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH I didn't even think about that one. I was just giving you shit, thats why i asked about the cigars before.

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  10. baby its all good :D


    love you too cutie


    i got no idea what that means
  11. I know what that means... it means your a lying fubckaststaricdk!
    Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!
    You said you loved meeeeeeeeee *cries*


    you should have used LJ cosi.
  12. i'm a fukbast8rdstick? hahah

    wwaaiaiiittttt! coommmee baaackckkkk!
    my inevitable betrayal hasn't changed yet! I still love you too esss

    decided to delete the bit about cosi for his sake.

    besides even he said he smelt like a yeti.

    is anyone patient enough to let that link load up yet?
  13. noooo... your a fustick & a bastard... all in a neat little package. and when i say little i mean .

    cute news? WTF is the world coming to!
  14. hahahha 'all that in a bag a chips'

    does Cosi not have an opinion this, he's been left out..

    I'll tell ya what its coming to =
    with yetti's smokin cigars, sabatour's with love and people instantaneously combusting.... and don't get me started on the bloody gnomes again.


    bye bye guys i got a meeting to go to.
  15. LJ fcuk that:D only weiners use that, i use cutenews baby,, cos im cute, and im always news worthy.
  16. ah but your a teenager and you should have much angst and be willing to share it.

    and you arent cute orange... uh... maccas party boy...
  17. whats your lj account eswen?
  18. eswenvindalas
    (i have a lesser known account for angsty entries :p)

    do you have lj or are you just stalking me?
  19. no... i dont have an lj account, is the lesser known one for when you stalk me?