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Free Motorcycle Stunt Show in Melbourne, Sunday 31st July

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Guest, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Thought I'd let ya's know that I have a stunt show coming up this Sunday for the Interclub Races @ Broadford Race Track. Will be doing a 30 min stunt show along with a couple of other local Melbourne riders. Should be good and best of all it's free to attend. Come support your local racing guys and local stunt riders.
    The racing starts early (I think 9am) but we are not on till 12pm. If you make it down, come over and say hello, I'll be the asshole in the flame jacket! :LOL:
  2. This sounds really cool. But, can' t make it. :( Have to disappear for a while.
  3. should be a interesting day however im wrking
  4. Soulds like it should be a good day. Sadely I'm interstate :(

    But let us know if another event like this come up

    Have fun :)
  5. Where is Broadford race track?
    (before you flame me, i'm new to Melbourne......)
    Daz. :wink:
  6. broadford is up north, 1.5 hours or so from melbourne (i think.... been a while since i've been there) just off the hume hwy.

    i'll be there, if thats any incentive to not go :LOL:

    nar, padros and the boys are pretty good, dunno if anyone else is doing this, but him and luke can put on a decent show (the third member ben is off at the snow this weekend...). good excuse to get the farrrk out of melbourne for a day :D
  7. Just don't ask Karen to come with you :)

    Or if she happens to tag along, WATCH YOUR MIRRORS :LOL:
  8. Obviously you ride pretty slow :p

    I drove from Bulleen to Broadford in just under an hour including a supplies stop at the Kalkallo Shell for the B&C Champs meeting two weeks ago.

    Head up the Hume & take the first Broadford exit. Turn right and head over the freeway. The track is about 1km from the freeway on your right. Turn into the gate and immediately turn right and follow the track around (past the motocross track) up and over the hill and you'll find yourself driving into the pit area.

    There's also the Dutton Rally for cars this weekend. Shepparton Airport & DECA on Friday, Winton & SPC (Shep) car park on Saturday and the Atwood Police Driver Training Centre & Essendon Airport car park on Sunday.

    Expensive cars with drivers of various abilities (from great to hopeless) are competing.
  9. Smartass :evil:

    As for the show, I just might go.
  10. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    i forgot about our last foray up to broadford and karen braking the land record for the longest skid and how close to a rider you can skid past without actually touching :LOL: :LOL:

    all depending on the weather and what is happening
    pm your phone number coconuts and i will take u up the back way , its more fun and cuts out the drag of the day , if i am able to go , it may be last minute notifacation .
  11. Bummer . I have a ride this Sunday .
  12. You riding or driving up coco?
  13. not sure yet if i'm riding or driving, i'm taking my new zx7 for a ride tomorrow and depending on how sore i am from it, i'll do it again sunday :D let you know when i get back tomorrow :wink:
  14. I'll go if there are others going up as a group other wise you could ride with me, no set time to leave. Let me know if interested
  15. Or maybe you just take a more scenic, motorcycle friendly, twisty route to get there.. :wink:

    Hume Hwy Pffftttt........
  16. I've got a couple of noobs that are wanting a ride this weekend; so pending on if they feel like going for the Gippy blat, or if they feel like a nice cruisy day up to Broadford - i might take you up on that offer MrNinja.

    I'll get onto the 2 slackers and find out what tickles their fancy.

    I'm rather keen to come up to the stunt show etc so i can bring along my camera and get some nice action shots. Now i just gotta go find the dosh of the 70-300 ED (~$400) or a 70-200VR ($2k?) ;)
  17. Considering the time I left home & the fact that at 8:00am the time/temp sign at Broadford said it was -1 degrees I was kinda glad I drove the car up the "boring" Hume with the heater going :p

    BUT, if I had the time and more favorible conditions, around through Flowerdale would've been a much better option :)

    Oh and in reference to my original post, the Dutton Rally Atwood stuff is closed to the general public but you can still go for a look at the Essendon Airport stuff
  18. well, not riding far today, so i'm riding up there tomorrow :D anyone wanna join?
  19. sounds like a good day....

    especially if there is a twisty route that i could hit on the way up (need all the practice i can get).

    anyone know of an alternate way to get there?