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Free Motorbike game on net -good challenge

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jimboss, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. Hi guys & gals

    I dont know if this has been posted yet - there is a cool motorcross game to download on the net FREE - type in elsto mania in google and it will bring you to the site. you get 20 levels and if you like it -you pay 9.95 for the rest of the game(im not paying) - Cheers Jim
  2. sad, very very sad :(

    5 minutes that I will never ever get back :(
  3. You kill me Vic! :LOL:
  4. *cough* Doesn't this fit in with the GD dumping thing? Or doesn't this fit in to multimedia forum? :)
  5. This is the gayest, shitest, most fcuked up game i have ever played...
  6. <nelson>Pretty Craaaappy!</nelson>
  7. That was pretty crap to say the least...

    The best bike game ive played, is Tourist Trophy on playstation.
  8. bah!

    Enduro Racer on the Commodore 64 was the shizzle. :cool:

  9. Hahah :p
  10. Is this game worth getting? Just saw it on special at JB. 2 games for $40
  11. Worth getting if you feel the desire to throw a CD in the fireplace.
    It's crappier than crap dude, save ya $40 and by a slab
  12. Actually Microsoft Motocross Madness was fun for what it was, when it was
  13. I'll just buy a slab as well. It might make it look better. :LOL: