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Free money - Now they want it back.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mikey213, May 11, 2012.

  1. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/claim-on-missing-cash-20120511-1yhke.html

    Just saw this on the age... now this is a question for the honest individual and the dishonest individual, if you saw money on the road flying around.. nobody around, no cameras (Which they said in the article there wasn't), would you pick up some cash and pocket it?

    Judging by the details in this article its pretty much a clean getaway.. no video footage or evidence to catch them, the police are asking for those involved to come forward.

    I don't think anyone would come forward.. tbh

    Would you?

  2. No. And some more letters.
  3. It's hard to say, part of me would want to keep it and another part would want to give it in.

    Found a wallet spread out across a country road a few years ago, so scooped up all the cards, dollars and stuff, then took them to the local shop. A week later there was a nice $50 reward waiting at the shop for me.
  4. Someone dropped an envelope with about 3 grand in it on one of the roads outside my old school a year or two ago, hit by a car and poof! money everywhere! couple of kids from the school dodged traffic, gathered all the money and handed it in. All of it.
    I recon most wouldn't. Myself? My conscious wouldn't let me keep it. Well... depends where it came from...
  5. I'm going past there now, sadly not yesterday at the correct time when this happened...

    I'd hand it in, some at the hotel, some at the restaurant, some more at the casino, make sure I spread it all over town in hope of finding its rightful owner.
  6. id buy a free bike
  7. Those bastards are lying - it's mine, and I want VP to get it back for me.

    Coupla decades ago there was about 100 Gs found buried at Balaclava station. Someone else went and had a look - found another 100 grand! Police seized the lot. Never found the owner, went into consolidated revenue.

    Fark dat.
  8. I suspect I'd hang onto it until it came out who it belonged to. Dope deal problem or proceeds of crime, no identification, it's mine... Pensioner taking her life savings to the bank gets it back...
  9. They haven't really said where it has come from... My guess an armoured truck .. I honestly can't see the folk giving it back, the bloke who rang up fox and bragged will probably be tracked down and made to give it back, the other people should be fine.

    Um as for me i've dropped money and no ones been honest enough to give it back.. So i'm not 100% sure.