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free Mobile bill!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by nibor, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. :LOL: :LOL:

    ok so a week or two ago i got the bill for my mobile, its a $50 cap. ive got a direct debit set up with my carrier (who will not be named lol), so i normally take a brief glance at the bill n toss it out. but this time, it showed double.

    supposedly i had insufficient funds in my bank at the last payement date, so it bounced, thus the overdue balance. but i was positive i already got a letter about this, and i paid the overdue bit via BPay.

    so i call the carrier, after looking at my transaction history for my bank account, and explain all this to the guy on phone. how i missed a payment back at the end of Dec, but corrected the payment mid Jan.

    he puts me on hold, to check everything out. im on hold for 5 or 10min :mad: but the funny bit is after 30 secs on hold, i scroll up on my transaction history. fancy that. i had cleared up that payment. but then the payment due for the end of Jan bounced too, i managed to drop my bank blalance for one day, below $50, either side of that it was around $700, so i didnt even notice untill then. so obviously, it was this payment that was the issue, and i hadnt rectified the problem yet, hence the overdue payment on top of the most recent payment due.

    so anyway, the guy on the end of the line answers and apologies for the delay and explained why, which was nice. i begin to say,

    "hahaha i just realised what the problem was, i noticed as soon as you put me on hold. the payment..."

    wham he cuts in. so i shut up :grin:

    damn straight i will!! :grin:

    one month off my phone bill, fkn awesome!

  2. Do You think you are doing the 'right' thing, robbing those poor, hard-working, honest Phone Companies of their well earned & deserved payment ???

    Damn .. how do You sleep at night.? :?

    :LOL: :LOL:
    well done !
  3. +1 There's 1,000 people going hungry in Bangladesh because of you. :LOL:
  4. 800 of them should be able to survive on the other 200 until his next bill is due.
  5. Yeah dude, i had a similar thing happen with the bill for the rates! It was $400 so we paid it, but then come the next bill we're suddenly $400 in credit?? So not only had the for some reason wiped the bill, but credited us the payment for next rates which we didn't have to pay!
  6. I changed plans mid-way through my last contract, so had a few months paying out my old phone at $30 per month. My lovely carrier, being the idiots they are, charged me the cancel fee an extra month after they should have stopped.

    I rang them up about it, and they said they'd fix it up. Get a letter from them the next week saying "we have overcharged you. $350 will be credited to your account on your next bill."

    F##king sweet! A bonus of no phone bill for six months! :LOL:

    I love "technologically advanced" communications companies.
  7. haha gold!

    this phone carrier wouldn't be optus by any chance :LOL:
  8. fruit loops nothing like that EVER happens to me :-(
  9. i got a bill for $14500ish once, for a moths worth of calls. it confused telstra so much, they accidentally canned my contract (i was 2 mths in to a 24mth) so i wandered in to the nearest telstra shop an "ugraded" to a newer handset, and ebay'd the old one. i still have that bill, its a trophy.
  10. :rofl:

    if i had of been drinking anything while i read that, it would be dribbling out my nose, onto the keyboard right now :LOL: sometimes u absolutely crack me up, Ktulu :grin:

    :shock: i'll have to see the bill next time im up, Joel, thats craaazy sh|t!! but hey, if it works out good in the long run, awesome :grin:

    and yeah lol, it was Optus :LOL:
  11. Thats pretty good. You wanted to be the nice guy and instead of the "nice guy finishing last" you finished on top this time.