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Free mobike magazines - 12 month subscription

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Loz, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. ...sorry, they're all American ones, but hey, better than nothing.


    You can use different email addresses to get as many free subs as you like.

    Can somebody tell me which of the available bike mags is the LEAST shit?
  2. Do any of them have smutty pics of hot chicks in them?

    PLAYBOY! :p (Mexico)

    "You're Almost There!
    Once you click "GO," you'll be just a step away from your FREE subscription. Just complete the process by setting up an account with Zinio, which ensures secure access for easy magazine reading."

    So I'm gonna assume you only get access to it online and cant keep a copy.

  3. ye loz, easy, penthouse is better than playboy :grin:
  4. Great find Loz. Signed up for two. Motorcyclist & Cycle World. Looks like a good piece of software. Time will tell.

    When installing the reader you need an active net connection.
  5. fixed it for you :wink:
  6. I dunno nibs, I'm testing a brand new antivirus thing with all the bells and whistles, and it didnae say a thing.
  7. hahah i've never heard of it before, just i wouldnt be surprised with half the "sign up and get this free" crap on the web these days...
  8. can you download it offline?
  9. SSB, just ads really like almost 80%, it feels like

    motorcycle; is like bike in the uk but shittier

    cycle; is almost just like motorcycle but better
  10. Hahaha I signed up for 90 magazines.
  11. I just recieved a heap of spam emails this morning with your name on them! :LOL:
  12. leave the free mag page open.

    another webpage of your account loged in

    and on the free mag page. . click on all of the ones you want fill in fake emails accept the terms and conditions and click subscribe and it'll automatically go into your main account. dont worry about them copying and paste crap... i did it .. i got about 20+ mags on my account and until now i been gettin updates for all of the subscriptions