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Free, live MotoGP streaming

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Loz, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. I'm not too happy about this, having just forked out for MotoGP.com aceess for the whole year, but I've just tested this free alternative and it works fine.

    www.sopcast.com - a free, spyware/adware free viewer. A 2mb download, then launch it in IE and choose Star Sports. The 125s are running as we speak.

    You can also get access to a load of other cable-style channels through this. I don't think it's illegal either.

  2. What "channel" is it on?
  3. Damn it so did I!!!!! :evil:
  4. Star Sports.
  5. I've got foxtel and was settling down and got outvoted and yelled down. :(

    So I am now trying to dowload to watch.
  6. Quality is pretty low. I guess it depends on how many people are streaming.
  7. Thanks heaps Loz :)

    Just watched the 250s .... what a race!

    RE: quality - I'm getting a pretty good, clear, steady picture here. :)
  8. thanks loz

    great fine there

    Just watch the 250's
    some lag now and then but not bad to watch
  9. thanks Loz,

    just in time for the motoGP.

  10. this is ORSAM.
    I just logged on to netrider to see if anything interesting was going on tonight and now instead of listening to the GP via eurosport radio I'm watching the race for free.
    THANKS Netrider :LOL:

    + Thanks heaps to you LOZ :wink:
  11. God I love this sport! What an awesome race so far! :grin:
  12. Actually No, it's not tha fashizzle I thought it to be. It's caning my poor little 512 connection, keeps lagging. Hurry up and put in ADSL2+ at my exhcange FFS :? :LOL:
  13. I couldn't even get past the download; came up with a runtime error whatever that is. Didn't surprise me though, my computer has an allergic reaction whenever I try to download anything :evil:

    Guess I'll just have to stay up late (again) till BB decides to finish :roll:
  14. Im on cable extreme and still had too much lag to be watchable. I guess its dependant on uploads.
  15. Gotta be better than the motogp package , it's a waste of money....crap stalling picture all the time shithouse. Boring race anywho , yawn yawn :wink: wsbk's are much better to watch. :grin:
  16. I pay 1/3 of the Foxtel. I was never asked if I wanted it or if I was happy to pay for it so I never asked anyone about how I used it on Sunday nights. Super bikes and Moto GP is non negotiable, the other boys realise this is a good deal for them. :grin:
  17. Just downloaded this program - is anybody going to be using it to watch the Donnington GP - as looking at the website, "Star Sports" is no longer a listed channel, but it does list Shanghai Sports as showing the MotoGP - does anybody know from previous experience whether this broadcast would be in English!?

  18. I think you'll find that the local commentary will be in Chinese or similar.
    Having said that, Star Sports Asia's broadcast of the F1 was in English *shrug*
  19. What about tonights GP any ideas on what channel, it should start about quarter to 7 shouldnt it?