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NSW Free learner gear

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Brodie440, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. hey guys, far fetched but I'm a learner of 2 months and at the age of 18. I had my first major accident today and messed up most of my gear and dropped $900 on bike repairs (headlights, license light, entire dash / meters, rear brake pedal, both mirrors and my front brake lever. All replacements.) so I'm running a bit short on cash so if anyone has any cheap gear or even free gear they're willing to part with id be more than willing to say yes.
    Thanks guys.

  2. Are you OK, any injuries. If you have had a hard knock you should see a Doctor to get checked out. I know as an 18yo you consider yourself unbreakable but injuries have a way of surfacing later.

    bobthekelpybobthekelpy had some free leathers he was willing to give to a learner, check and see if he still has them. see

    [VIC] - Free to newbies. Must be a learner

    Other stuff in the Free to a good home threads also check the Parts and Apparel for Sale threads. It might help if you put up the size of clothing and gear you need. You are probably feeling bad now about your accident but you should just get the courage and move on. If you feel like it start a thread in the New Riders area on what went wrong and you may get some advice that will help in future.

    Hope you are OK.
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  3. wow dude as cjvfrcjvfr says, hope you're ok and sorry to hear about your accident. I just reviewed your previous posts and this is your second off in three days? you are doing it tough at present.

    you're at Bowral? might help if you post your sizes and what gear you need replaced. take it easy on the bike dude!
  4. Holy crap. I hope you're alright! Not on the new Duke, right? :confused:
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  5. Nah man was luckily on the 125 but I'm too scared to pick up the duke now.
    Yeah I'm in Bowral, nah I had an off dye to a wombat a few weeks ago but this one was much worse and was much more my lack of skill.
  6. Hey Brodie440Brodie440, bummer about the stack. Whats your size in jackets and gloves as I might be able to rustle up something for you?
    I work in Bowral and ride up there regularly on the weekends to so maybe we can catch up and go for a spin as well.
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  7. Hey dude, I'm a medium in jackets and a small or medium gloves both fit well. Waiting for Honda to ship the parts to me so I can put them all on and fix up the bike, should be back on the road soon. Thanks man.

    Bike damage -
  8. Damn, done some proper damage there. The gear I have might be a bit big for you (Im a L to XL in both gloves and jackets) but Im happy to bring it up for you to try on if you like.
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  9. Hey Brodie440Brodie440 sorry to hear of your stack, mate. I still have the leathers (jacket and pants), plus a good pair of gloves (summer though) that you can have. PM me your address and I'll get them to you. I think postage is about $20-$30 to Sydney, that's all I ask for them, to cover the postage.
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  10. I've got a waterproof onesie, size medium you can have if you plan on doing any wet weather riding.
  11. It's okay man I wouldn't want you to waste your time, would very much love to go for rides when I fix up the Mrs though.
    I don't really do any intentional wet weather riding as I'm a newbie so I think that'd be better in someone else's hands that needs it more than I do.
    I pm'd you man, would be very grateful.
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  12. with the new bike... get comp insurance + gear cover... so if you do dump it again, you get new gear.
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  13. Yeah I'm financing it so comp is a necessity.
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  14. adding 1-2grand of extra gear cover should not cost much (I think it's $25 a year with insuremyride) :)
  15. so... didjagetit? didjarideit? tell us dude, we want to know!