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Free (ish) Tiger Flights - Be quick!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Morbo28, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. http://www.tigerairways.com/au/en/index.php

    I got two flights return to Tassie for $110. Not too bad.

    (You pay taxes and "convenience fees")

  2. Wow - that is cheap!

    Its sad that the parking at the airport often costs more than the flight itself now!! I'm sure there is much more expense in running/staffing and maintaining a plane than a car parking spot!
  3. Thanks mate, we're off to Sydney! :cool:
  4. No probs, always worth sharing the wealth :grin:
  5. The last time i flew tiger was for a wedding in QLD. There were about 10 of us flying up saturday morning (3pm wedding) and flying back sunday arvo. Booked 6 months in advance to get cheap flights and at the times we needed. In the 3 months before the wedding they changed the flights 6 times. At one stage they had us flying up sunday afternoon. Even the extra paid for the insurance doesn't cover canceled flights. And each time the flight price increased. And we were not notified of 2 of the flight changes just found out through other relatives booking on the same flight.

    In the end we flew up with virgin (as it was going to cost an extra $1500 for the final change).

    Would never fly with them again no matter how cheap (especially if it is important to travel on certain dates at certain times). Given them a few chances but never again.
  6. Oh yeah, PS I flew with them the VERY FIRST weekend they operated their flight to NCLE. Let's say it was a less that satisfactory experience. But, dammit it's so cheap this time 'round and I am only buying these tix coz we've got nothing else on that weekend...so what's the worst thing that could happen :grin: ... famous last words...

    It also must be said that Jetstar sent us flight times changes no less than 8 times when we booked 8 weeks in advance...aaahhhhh cheap airlines, you just can't go past them! :LOL:

    Sooooo....yeah. Your point is well valid and I hope yo don't take this thread as an endorsement :grin: