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FREE - Fridge!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Archived' started by roundabout, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. pick it up before anyone else could get anywhere near it?

  2. pick it up before anyone else could get anywhere near it and store lots of stuff in it?

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  3. pick it up before anyone else could get anywhere near it just to get the other free items?

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  4. give some poor excuse about currently having a fridge?

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  5. complain that this is a stoopid poll and then rush right over to collect your free fridge?

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  1. free you ask?

    yes that's right





    and no scabby bar fridge either, this is one standard sized, possibly even family sized, fridge!!!!

    it's no picture, but it keeps stuff cold. would suit someone who likes to keep stuff cold or store stuff in a large white box. is suitable for holding lots of stuff and probably keeping most of it cold.

    terms: no payment required now or ever, only collection from my carpark in brunswick (a cool suburb just north of the melbourne cbd). as a special offer this week only, a free green tarp, yep that's right green, that would definitely suit someone looking to cover items and protect them from rain (can also be used to shield unsightly objects from view). this green tarp is large enough to cover a motorcycle (ultra-multi-tasking tarp!!!). as another special offer, a free, yes free, rope is included to attach your free tarp to many items including a free fridge!!!!

    could this really be true you say?


    all you need to do is pm me, drive over here and take it away!! its just that easy!!!!
  2. Do i really have to take the fridge to get my hands on that sexy tarp?

    Ive always longed for a green one...
    Will PM right now.
    I'm in Collingwood.
  4. free green tarps look extraordinarily sexy with free white fridges!!! you'll be the toast of liverpool, no man or woman would be able to resist you...think of the sex you could have in front of the fridge ala 9 months!!!
  5. I think Moira was selling one of these on GMA this morning, with a free slicing dicing thinggy ma bob.

  6. hmmm it seems that after sitting outside for a while, the free fridge no longer keeps stuff stored inside cold, so

    i have one free green tarp and 1 free yellow rope to give away, all you need to do is collect these free items, which now come included with a free large white insulated storage box

    apologies for getting hopes up :(
  7. Dammit looks like Koma beat me to it :p ...

    On a serious note i would have taken it off ya hands and squeezed a keg or two of home brew in it... Only problem is for the cost in fuel id have to pay gettin me car down the highway(really short gearing) it really wouldn be worth it :(
  8. Haha... well it would've gone to a good home... but as it doesn't work it's not much good for the keeping stuff cold task. In the new share house it would've been loved and adored for all of our cold booze. :D
  9. Throw in ya bike and i'll take it :D
  10. nice im keen mate,yhats if its still there
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