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free for all vic riders

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by countrycruiser V6, May 13, 2006.

  1. Got a letter today from the TAC letting me know about a free cd rom that I can order from them called RIDE SMART. Thought I'd let all vic riders on here know as it's free to anyone with a vic riders licence or permit.
    Just go to www.spokes.com.au and click the link to the order form.
    Actually the whole site looks worthwhile checking out as they have a riders tip section etc.
    Apparently it takes you through 102 riding excersises, some of which you hope you never end up in and teaches you how to deal with them.
    will post a review up when I get it an give it a try.

  2. Yes lve got that cd myself but havent yet had the chance to have a look at it
  3. I wonder what I did with mine.
    I Should open it and see if it's worth playing with.
  4. Got it too... will try to find it... but might wait for the review before I waste any time looking for it :p

    Has anyone actually watched their copy or did you all just get it coz it was free... :LOL:
  5. Hey, Fireblade - I finally made it!!

    Cool site, very useful - could help in situations like today - u know what I mean FB :)
  6. :applause: Welcome :newb:

    Not sure which situation ur talking about... but as far as the "useful" stuff -> dig deep :LOL:
  7. The grey ford in Eltham or perhaps the Burgandy ford in Resa. Definately a ford parked in the middle of the road, good for my counter steering skills, ha! LOL!
  8. Dont hold your breath waiting for it to arrive, I filled out the order form twice and it never came :(

    But I did manage to get hold of one when I did an Instructed ride with Shire of Yarra Valley and HART a while ago, had a bit of a go on it then didnt get back to it.

    They say to put about 6 hrs aside to complete it, now where did I put that disk? :-k
  9. haha... those situations :shock: gotta get used to them unfortunately coz they happen to me on a daily basis :evil: sure there'll be plenty about them on the CD...

    I thought u were referring to having to push start your bike half a dozen times :roll: my legs are paining me :p
  10. Yeah...look I thought u could do with the workout.

    glad it finally got going - otherwise i would have had to roll the thing home.

    now thats not a good look - especially in full leathers LOL!
  11. Thanks for that mate :cry:

    I saw a few people sitting in their warm cozy cars laughing at our push start efforts in the rain so it wasn't all bad for everyone :LOL:
  12. I definately think we both have more than enough experience with roll starts over a 5m distance - hey u never know when these new found skills may come in handy FB. Just think of this senario..........hot girl stranded on side of road, standing by her bike in desperate need of a roll start. Hmmm I wonder what spot on the bike u would push FB? I did say bike didn't I.
  13. I'm about halfway through it (After 3 months :LOL:) it's pretty boring and doesn't teach you anything that any rider shouldn't know but you can win prizes if you finish it apparantly :?
  14. Don't bother. Shittiest CD ever. :roll: The neckwarmer is very handy though, and I also got a bag and keyring and stuff so it wasn't all bad. :grin:
  15. hmmm.... win prizes if finish it :-k
    I might look for it... but then again, Seany does say it's the shittiest CD ever so I might give it a miss :wink:
  16. I got the same letter and didn't reply then just the other day got the CD. Go figure. :grin: :grin:
  17. Don't finish the CD and you might just get prizes with that sort of logic :?

    Did you get anything else with it, or just the CD??
  18. The CD came out a year ago now , I did it and at the end you register your result .
    I won a $200 voucher for any safety gear I like , so I bought the flow through jacket with full body armour with in for summer time.
    its niiiiiccccceeeeeeeeee in summer time wearing it.

    can sneeze at that for nothing .
  19. by the way there is something else victorians can have that the rest dont have (scroll down )

    scroll down

    scroll down

    scroll down

    $50 levy
  20. There's also something else Melbourne has that New York doesn't. Can you guess what it is?