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FREE energy efficient light bulbs for the entire house!?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by twainharte, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. this is the 2nd time in as many mths.

    group of door knockers rampage through the streets claiming to replace existing globes with their energy efficient light bulbs for the entire house, FOR FREE, with no catch! "up to a thousands globes, if you have that many..."

    sounds great but like last time i'm hesitant to let someone who has just "cold called" into the house.

    oh, and they're not keen on leaving the free merch' by the door either. if that's not enough they claim that they have to change/install it themselves.

    so what gives? is this a state initiative or a scheme by some private company? yeah, yeah, i know, could've probed them more but i felt somewhat emasculated since i apparently can't change my own globes.
  2. I would've 'probed them'. Can't trust anyone these days.
    Were they female and good looking? :p
  3. Scoping the house - what a great way to get into every room, get a good look at all the valueables, entrance points, security, etc.
  4. Yup, dodgy with a capital F.
  5. Ask to see their electrician certification, if they're an outside party installing your bulbs

  6. I have no idea who they are, or how they're funded, but some of my relatives up North had the same thing, and took them up on their offer.
    No negative results so far (this was 9 mths- a year ago). If you do it, I hope you like the WHITE energy-saving lights (like fluorescent tube white), coz it seems they don't do the warm-toned globes. House ends up looking very bright indeed :shock:
  7. I have 54 12volt downlights in my house and only 2 incandescent lights.

    It would cost those malakas a fortune and a half to replace all mine ;)
  8. How many thieves does it take to change a lightglobe? :LOL:

    fcukers are jst hoping to check out your valuables and plan the easiest way to steal them.
  9. We had our house done, though we contacted them so is a little different, all positive about it as well.

    How they make their money is on the carbon emission trading scheme by selling the carbon credits that are accumulated by working out the differential of the current globe's carbon output and the replacement globe's carbon output.

    It's similar to the companies that go to farms and get the farmers to sign a contract stating that they won't deforest or destroy any bush / trees , etc. and then sell these contracts as carbon credits due to the carbon sucked up by the now non-deforestable greenery.

    In other words making money doing nothing.
  10. A mate of mine did this for a while, and yep, nothing dodgy about it.

    Just bullshit carbon trading crap.
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  12. No, they get it off other taxpayers. Better to tell them to stick the idea, lest they get the idea that people accepting a few measly dollars of their taxes back equates to support for such a daft idea.
  13. Same here Vic. This won't happen to us.
  14. I had a couple of bods knock on MY door too, but they were Mormons, so I told them to go to Kolob :LOL:.
  15. Totally agree with you mate.
  16. Sigh. When will the people and the government get the message. :roll:

    It takes more additional power (over incandescent globe requirements) to make the compact fluorescent globes than is saved in their whole life time. (No, I haven't got a reference link for you. Search for one.)

    They are also filled with mercury vapour, the most toxic form of mercury. Not to mention phosphorus, in a breathable, powder form. Disposal costs are much higher if done safely, and if not, you are creating a toxic time bomb. For example, if you just throw them in the bin, and they go into landfill, you would not ever want to visit the land fill site.

    I think ACA or TT advertised they are doing a story on this issue today, or later this week. The information was always there, but no-one seems to have listened, or explained it properly to the politicians. Maybe it was too complex for their brains. Mind you, I don't think there is one comprehensive source of data either.

    Refuse the low power globes. They will kill you! Incandescent globes are simple and cheap to make, and safe.
  17. yeah but there cheap to run.
  18. Story about the good and bad of these globes is one of the subjects on tomorrow night's ABC's 7.30 report (1st July), I heard the preview tonight.
    apparently they're quite contrary to what is considered 'green' and 'safe',
    a big sham no doubt, one of many in this wonderful global-warming-money-making world crisis we're in :LOL: :LOL:

    Worth watching if only for the information regards the dangerous chemical content of these globes :idea: :?:
  19. Phrases like this make me discount your argument. And I have heard the same argument out of second-hand car enthusiests (uses less resources to maintain a car then build a new car.) - Which considers only new steel being used in the process... (and the majority being steel - aluminium and plastics FTW)

    Oh, and do you have any conventional flourescent bulbs? The murcury vapour is little enough to cause any ongoing effects. And the majority of bulbs end their life without mean mercury vapour being dispersed on their occupants. It falls amongst the same hysteria that controlled asbestos in classroom walls will cause respiritory damage when the walls are penetrated with a pin.

    (And what about mercury vapor bulbs, as seen in major industrial lighting used for the last twenty years?)
  20. Thanks for that. My PVR is now going to record it.

    That was just my throw away sensationalist line. Do some real research for yourself. You will be surprised.

    You can hold mercury safely in the palm of your hand in liquid form, as long as there are no cuts or other damage, because the mercury isn't absorbed. However, mercury vapour is extremely toxic, because it is easily absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs. I forget the factor of toxicity over liquid mercury, but it is very scary. As are the effects of mercury poisoning, which are cumulative, and therefore ongoing in nature.

    The danger of the vapour is not to the occupants while in use, but during disposal, or if a globe is accidentally broken.

    Oh, and I have one fluorescent tube in my house. The same tube has been there since I bought the house six years ago, and I don't know how much longer prior to that. It is used for hours every day. My previous house had one fluorescent tube also, which was replaced once in thirteen years. Mercury vapor bulbs fall into the same category. They are selected specifically because they last nearly forever, in applications such as street and security lighting where that is needed, and yellow Sodium lamps are not appropriate. The life cycle of these lamps makes them worth using. Worth the risk. Even 40 years ago as a child I was taught not to break fluorescent tubes, but to dispose of them safely.

    From what I have read, compact fluorescent globes do not last anywhere near six years minimum, which is my experience with tubes. I have used a couple of compact fluorescent globes, and they lasted about three months. No better than a simple, cheap, inexpensively manufactured incandescent globe.