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Free DVD - Good For Learners

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Respi, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I have 100 copies or so of the 40min Gov approved DVD "Ride On" which would make a good addition to any learners collection. All free to a good home of course for those interested.


    Covers a wide spectrum of topics from before you ride to head checking and handling surface changes whilst riding.

    For those in Melbourne or other states, if someone wants to be a central point of contact I'll send a stack your way and you can distribute locally.

    p.m if interested.

  2. I'm interested. PM sent.
  3. me too

    pm sent.
  4. So do any of you melbournites who pm'd want to be a point of contact so I can ship a bunch to one person then distribute locally yourselves?
  5. Sorry Respi, thought it was a different dvd. I already have that one.
  6. done and done!
  7. Hi Respi,

    Definately interested, PM will be sent shortly.

    I could do the distro in Melbourne if you like, but I would be pushed to get anything sent out prior to the new year, and cant promise super speediness as I'm already pretty commited in the volunteer admin side of things.


  8. Hi All,

    If you've received a pm advising that I've posted the DVD's can you please post up in this thread advising you have copies avilable to be picked up locally.

    Thanks for everyone who stepped up and enjoy the freebie. If you happen to run out and need more please shoot me a pm and I'll arrange more.

  9. Hi Folks,

    I should have these in my posession shortly. I'm away over Xmas, but will be back in Melbourne after that, and hoping to attend the various netrider rides.

    Happy to bring along the DVD's to these events. Alternatively, I'm in the city and in the 3146 area.


  10. i could take a shit load of your hands respi, i can give them out to all the new learners that attend Homebush
  11. Jesus Goz, you're nice in person but that avatar every time :|
  12. I thought my kids freaked out at the evil Santa avatar.

    The the****** said she'll see our 5 y.o as of next week. Probono too, as she's seen the new Av.
  13. scary thing is that thats what he looks like in real life
  14. perfect mate - I'll send you a a bunch :)

    pm me your delivery address details and I'll get a stack out to you.