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NSW Free Dalmatian

Discussion in 'Free To Good Home' started by cygnus, Jan 11, 2011.

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  1. Does anyone want to adopt my dog? It's an 11 year old male de-sexed Dalmatian, currently at Rhodes. It's an outside dog currently, but is house trained.


  2. A Mrs De Ville asked me to leave a message asking if the coat is soft, or rough, and if you know where to get another 100 Dalmatians.
  3. Nice looking dog ! I have a 6 year old female here, they are great dogs. If I had the space for two I would be interested, but I really don't want to have the two of them cramped up too much. Have you had him since a pup? Rough having to get rid of him at that age.

    If you look up the Dalmatian club in NSW I am sure that they will have an area you can contact that helps to rehouse dogs. In know the Victorian club does, they have people that will take them in, etc, so I am sure NSW would be similar.
  4. Why are you giving him away?... I'm sure there is a valid reason but having 2 dogs myself which I love more than my girlfriend this is a rather unsettling post to read.
  5. I agree, c0rrrupt.

    I love animals - definitely would want to know a valid reason also.

    Got my two beautiful dogs here, and my dog and my cat waiting for me in Sydney (technically, the ones where I am now aren't mine, they're my mums... so I REALLY miss my babies in Sydney... but they're with my brothers and having a good time).
  6. Slightly weird thread, beautiful looking animal all the same though. May I ask what his name is?
  7. The boys name is Mambo. I actually picked him up from as a rescue 2 years ago. When I picked him up, he was in good condition, but had been in the rescue for about a year, and was about to be put down. He's not great with other dogs, in fact, someone from Dalmatian Club NSW's welfare branch had tried to take him in, but couldn't keep him. He's very good otherwise, so...

    Reason he's up for adoption is because of my living arrangement circumstances will be changing. I may be able to find a way out of this arrangement, but if not ... Still trying to explore avenues for keeping him though.
  8. My sister would love to take him. How is he behavioural wise? Tame and quiet?
  9. what's he like with kids? also dose he need a fence?

    i'm on 3 acres, mostly bush with no fences. some people in the street have horses and a couple of dogs in the street. i'v also got a 3 year old.
  10. Hey samks and everyone else,

    For the time being, we have sorted out our accommodation issues, and he can stay with us. Thanks all for the help and interest!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.