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Free coffee stop to OZ GP!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Wolve, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Nice, thanks.

    That makes two free coffee stops. Just out of Cranbourne and this one at Tooradin.

    After two coffees I better make sure I "go" before I leave.

    (Wolve - Using "canis" instead of "lupus" puts a interesting twist to your tag? My years of High School Latin were not a waste after all.)
  2. Yes, since lupus is also a degenerative condition another translation of canis also means the same thing. So it could be "Man is wolf to man, or Man is dog to man. Common vernacular is Homo homini lupus est. But I like to be different...

    BTW - I'd change my handle if I could figure out how. Just got personalized plates - UDEAD. Again could mean "UnDead" or it could follow the other patch on my jacket "Are you dead yet", or it could mean something else. I saw iDead was available but I thought Apple would have that one snapped up...
  3. It's only 140ks from Melbourne to the Island. Can't you Mexicans make it without stopping at a cafe? :)
  4. Mexican riders drink coffee by the glass
    it gives them a pain in the ass

    whoa whoa whoa they're on fire
  5. Bugger, I have a letter from VicRoads saying my "UDEAD" plates would be offensive so they denied them.

    Don't they get the joke? I wonder if they'll let me have IDEAD?

    he he
  6. I have been asked why this Iveco site has been put on in opposition to the Lions club, Driver Reviver site at Cranbourne. which has been operating for years, with Free coffee and tea,
    As they are only 12 Klms apart, its a bit of a waste of resources,
    Why wasnt the Cranbourne Lions site used, It was always set up for these events,
    If the Iveco site is to be a regular thing, the Lions club will have no option but to close their site,
    The Lions club collect donations for Charitys around the Cranbourne area,
    Thank you for any input,
  7. Howdy Deadman.

    Good point, if you know the contact for the Lions Club shoot them to me to include them for next year. I only put up what I get given.
  8. Thanks for the reply Mate,
    I will do that,
    Sue that runs the LIONS site is a personal friend and I know the hard work that she puts into organising the Driver Reviver site every year and the lengths she goes to to get volunteers to man the site for the GP weekend and getting the supplies and associated essentials, toilets, lighting, Caravan,
    They also run another site at Easter at the same spot.
    They support local charitys also with donations from the site,
    The tea and coffee at this site is provided totally free to all.
    I have sent an email to her and she will get back to you,