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VIC Free coffee and doughnuts on the Spurs today.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by fekkinell, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. Well... I didn't see any, but there must have been somewhere.

    I counted at least 2-3 unmarked bikes, 5 highway patrol cars, a 4x4 and several unmarked cars as well. All between Launching Place and Healesville via Reefton and Black Spurs. Seemed to still be doing spot checks for licence/RWC, etc.

    I'm not a fan of the anti-police wowser brigade but this was the biggest presence I've seen up there... ever. No doubt there will be even more free doughnuts next weekend. Maybe those jam filled ones with the chocolate icing? They're the best. ;)
  2. ...now you can see why. The irony is a fatality happened at Kinglake.
  3. Damn. Should've been handing out free doughnuts there too. The evidence is clear.... doughnuts save lives.

    (seriously though... sucks to hear that) :(
  4. That is a lot of police.. for one area

    edit: i haven't ridden the spurs before.. whens the quietest time of the week/year to go check it out.. obviously not on the weekend.
  5. Massive presence up there today
  6. Including a group of them half way up Reefton. Pity the cop car parked further down the hill kinda gave them away.

    When we got to the top, we saw a whole lot of phoolly sik GTs heading down the hill (after we wet ourselves watching them miss the turn and try to find somewhere to do a u-turn). Plods would have had a field day!

    (I think they were GTs - correct me if I'm wrong)
  7. Close grey, they were GTR's. ;)
  8. Thanks. Thought something was missing!
  9. I got a nod from one of the cops on reefton today :bolt:
  10. Mid week, at night (y)
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  11. In winter :)
  12. Lol.. i read a thread on here about the wildlife.. i wouldn't ride it at night.
    Mid week makes sense... i sha'll do a little research on it.

    I hear people discussing it all the time.. but i haven't been up in that direction before.
  13. I'm still buzzing from our ride today, through what I'd consider to be "our Spurs"...
    In all seriousness I feel for you Mexicans; we didn't see one, not one in over 6 hours on roads pumping with bikes. Hundreds upon hundreds of bikes we must have seen, enjoying themselves on a beautiful riding day in the hills.

    They really are trying to kill motorcycling in Victoria...
  14. The cops always seem to be in the same place top of Reefton. I always wave and nod to them, they wave back.
  15. Midweek is good, just watch out for the log trucks
  16. Good one! Cops on spurs Wednesday nights from now on.


    Might have to change to Tuesdays on the sly.
  17. The weekends are ok early in the morning too... I've headed up there and hit the Spurs by 8am. Mint. Mist rising, sun coming over the hills, the bush smelling of... the bush. Cold but worth it (mind the road can be a little damp).
  18. Didn't see any cops on Reefton when I went through but it was early morning. Saw one blue HWP on Black spur that had pulled over a Falcon & then saw one bike pulled over by cops at the end towards Healesville. 2 cars parked up the side road. Other than that I didn't see any others(I hope). Saw those GTR's going into Healesville as I was heading out.

  19. Must have been before they got lost.
  20. 3 cars and 1 bike in total and I am sure they got 1 or 2 of those GTR's on $$ striaght