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free citylink for bike riders?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by chunkz, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. is it true that if you're on a motor cycle you dont have to pay for city link?

  2. For a little while longer it is, they gonna slap us soon tho, thats why theyve installed all the rear facing cameras
  3. Just cover your number plate with your foot at each checkpoint if you don't wanna pay citylink toll if it comes in ;)
  4. hahah bloke i know tried that with a speeding camera or a red light camera
  5. tried it on a speed camera or red light camera and....??????!?!?!?!!!!!!111oneone
  6. i think he failed

    (didnt cover it right)
  7. to answer....
    yes atm :grin:
  8. I am so going to get one of those little devices that with a flick of a switch a little cover comes and and blocks your number plate.
  9. Just cover half the plate with the rego sticker.
  10. It will be free until CityLink has a weather proof etag that can be securely fitted to every kind of bike. (probably never)
  11. doesnt work on the new cameras - they can make out your plate from the rego sticker. (its written on there remember?)
  12. I'm calling BS on that one (not to you Es, just as an urban legend).

    Unless the camera's their using are:-
    - high enough resolution
    - high enough shutter speed
    - enough lighting for adequete contrast
    ... then there's no way they're going to be able to pull the digits of a rego sticker - especially not off most of them given how faded and weathered they are.

    It's like all those lame movie's where the guy in charge keeps saying 'Enhance! Enhace!!' as they zoom in from the satellite image which keeps generating a higher resolution image each time he says enhance!
  13. and then they normally bring up the culprits address via security cameras :p
  14. They're going to make motorcyclists pay for the new Mitcham-Frankston freeway thing, so they must have the technology. Must be a pretty waterproof device they will put on bikes, I recon you dunk in a bucket of water till it stuffs up, if we all do it enough times that it's costing them more in e-tags then what they're taking then they might can the idea and let bikes on for free. :) or they might just go of the number plate :(
  15. If Its true they are switching cameras to rear facing ones, they wont need to worry about etags they will, like myestro said, go off the number plate.

    Citylink do it now for cars without etags so why not bikes?

    In saying that I hope not because I use it 3 days a week, and ill be spewing if i have to start paying. :cry:
  16. A bit of background. I was working for RACV at the time that CityLink was created and they tried very hard to get a device that could do what was needed.

    The CityLink web site actually had motorcycle tolls published on it at that stage as well. I think the biggest issue was theft (someone working for CityLink could clarify this).

    In Singapore where bikes must be about 50/50 to cars, you put your card in the device and pull it out when you go. That way the device itself has no value when you leave the bike.

    Word is that this will be sorted for EastLink (damn).
  17. hmmm.... I snapped my little rego holder off when I went for a slide :oops: might not put it back on if they're going to be that cheeky :wink:

    Can you get a fine for having your rego in your boot?? I have to get a new holder so I can put it back on the bike, but until then I want to know what I'm risking?? :?
  18. yeah those movies are total BS!!!! but i was talking about the new cameras, digitals that upload directly to system.

    aaron, I rode for a year with no rego sticker (renewed it and didnt attach the new sticker properly, came off the first time i went on the freeway) and was never pulled up. My planned excuse was always going to be "it was there when i left!" but i was never asked about it.
    if a cop is in a crap mood or just looking for stuff to book you on, he will for sure book you for not displaying rego sticker.
    Alot of people attach the sticker to the swingarm - its not visable from the rear that way.
  19. Given i've spent more than my fair share tinkering with digital camera's and imaging systems over the years i've got a bit of an idea as to what is required to get a reliably legible image of a numberplate or rego sticker.

    After tinkering around in photoshop with a photograph i took of my own numberplate mounted on my bike at a distance of ~20m on my Nikon D70 with a 50mm f1.8 lens, slightly off centre to emulate the arrangment of most speed camera's. I found that the lowest legible resolution was ~80-100 pixels in width, although given that i know my own numberplate... i overcompensated so you MIGHT get a legible image as low as 50 pixels in width across the plate. Between 50 and 80 pixels in width, letters like B and the number 8 were no longer distinguishable.

    Keep in mind that i used a flash to get that image, with an exposure time of 1/500 of a second @ ISO800 - WITHOUT THE BIKE MOVING! So assuming that the camera's are of sufficient quality to rival a D70, that they're running either a flash or a significant array of IR strobes; you'd need a sample of the rego sticker of ATLEAST 80 pixels in width to accurately read the sticker. Take into account the fact that there's a muddy, smudged up plastic cover over the top of it... in less than perfect lighting conditions, with a bike moving at anywhere between 60-140km/h and i'd say you've got 3/5'ths of S.F.A chance of getting a legible image.

    edit: I forgot to mention that to get a decent image the speed camera's almost definitely run at ATLEAST f8 to provide enough DOF, which would mean they'd have to either up the sensitivity of the sensor to atleast ISO1600, or would have to have some bright as all heck flash/IR strobe. Given that the numberplates are reflective... i'd say that i MIGHT be able to get a usable image.

    I might just have to go down to the Yarra Bouley overpass later on this week with my gear and see what i can get!

    That said, if anyone's got any info on what sort of camera's they do use in them i'd be very interested!