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Free burgers?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by happy.grl, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. Came across this on the interweb thingy and thought that it was worth posting. Anyone heard of this and tried it?

    At Hungry Jacks, if you ask for a "2-4-1 XXX Burger" they have to give you a second burger free. For example, asking for a "2-4-1 Whopper" gets you 2 whoppers for the price of one. This is due to a promotion a few years ago where they forgot to specify an expiry date, and also allowed customers to take advantage of the promotion without the voucher. Instead of making an announcement that they'd made a mistake and publishing new terms and conditions they let it run (perhaps for marketting purposes). The conditions state that the promotion doesn't work at shopping centres/food courts. I am unsure of the status of this offer interstate, but it does work in any Melbourne store I know of.

    They say that this has been confirmed as working at

    chapel st/malvern rd
    Swanston st
    Hoddle st
    Nepean hwy
    Russel st/Burke st
    Bulleen plaza
    Kings way
    Elgar rd/Burwood hwy
    Whitehorse rd
    Southern Cross station

    Worth a try next time I go in. I haven't been in about 12 months - probably worth a visit just to try :grin:
  2. 2 Hungry Jacks burgers for half the price is still too expensive for what you get.

    {Inserts emoticon of sticking finger down throat}
  3. I love hungry jacks burgers but they make me fat... so none for me :(

    Good find though!
  4. So Fatttttttt

    burgers are dirty!!!!!!
  5. Bacon double cheeseburger mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm *drool*
  6. I hate Hungry Jacks burgers. They make me sick!!
  7. dude a heart attack just waiting to happen
  8. If you are going to die it might as well be either something you love doing or something you love eating.

    Mine is 1) On my cruiser and 2) would be hungry jacks :grin: :cool: :p
  9. Hungry Jacks is great! But i also love Maccas, and KFC aswell. I had hungry jacks last night for a late 11pm dinner in the city last night. I usually have a lge whopper meal and another whopper. Occasionally i'll get a cheeseburger aswell, though i'm not that big a fan of their cheeseburgers, it's more of a filler.

    But with that special i could easily have a whopper meal, and another 2 whoppers. I might try it today :)
  10. Those who dislike Hungry Jacks should try an Aussie burger, very different and nice.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. My fave is Oporto, i just love their chilli. Large Bondi Meal and an extra burger. Both with extra extra chilli... Usually ill treat myself to that every couple of months or so.
  12. +1
    More like a traditional "filthy Sam's" sort of burger that you would buy from your local take away.
    Not bad at all.
  13. I used to like Oporto, I lived around teh corner from the second store that opened in Balmain.
    Now, they are shite. No flavour, no chicken. Just two buns with some sauce, soggy brown lettuce and some sort of meat byproduct. But that's my opinion, and maybe teh Canberra one is crap?

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. +1

    they could give them away and I wouldn't want them.
  15. DUDE i love oporto...... mmmmm CHILLI
  16. Sounds like an urban legend. I tried to look for it on snopes but it's not there yet.
  17. aV_hqM0.

    i reckon i could finish it!!!!!
  18. I love em as well.. esp when they come free of charge.

    Have a look to see what I mean. :wink: :LOL:

  19. Oporto, Aussie, burger republic... They're all great, but what whanger pays ten bucks for a hamburger?
  20. 10 bucks!!!!! I can get a pub steak for that