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Free Brand New BMW Motorbike?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Miss_dj, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. I will take a R1200 GS thanks,with panniers,GPS nav,and throw in a set of engine bars as well if ya could please :grin: oh,in yellow preferably :LOL:
  2. I saw that on the news this morning. Quite funny. People were just wheeling motorbikes away.

    How many people are seriously going to notify the Receiver of the wreck to let them know they have one of the bikes?
  3. So they will go to try and register it, and supply the VIN... then what?
    Unless tehy are going to ship it out of the country odds on it will get traced.

    The nappies on the other hand i think they can probably keep.
  4. I assume salvage rights would come into it, a legal minefield.

    Oh can I have a K1200R pleeeeeze :grin: :grin:
  5. Anything washed up on the beach is salvage and therefore free.

    the person that did own the bike will get the insurance money.

    Win Win all round.
  6. Well not true :( ...

    The Maritime and Coastguard Agency said people could be charged with theft if they failed to report the salvage they take from the beach. I think if they tried to register any of those bikes alarm bells will ring and pretty blue lights will be flashing :wink:
  7. www.ebay.co.uk
    Category-road bikes spares-BMW
    Shall have a sudden increase me thinks in advertisments.
    That and the wreckers or "breakers"as their known in UK.
    Appropriately enough I suppose,seeing the containers were breaking waves,then locals breaking open the shipping containers,to steal the braking calipers :grin: oh my god,gimme a break :roll:
  8. Yeah was thinking that they could make a fair quid in stripping down the bikes and selling anything without a trackable serial number...
  9. You would be very popular in the UK at the moment if you had a written-off BMW in your garage.
  10. I reckon BMW will make a "product recall" then say "im sorry its unrepairable we will refund your money.. oh you didnt pay well im sorry"