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Free Beer!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by AntiSol, Oct 31, 2005.

  1. All,

    Here's your chance to earn a bit of good karma (and some beer!) today!

    I want This. I MUST have it. I NEED it...but I don't have a paypal account, and I can't get one because I don't have a credit card. Unfortunately though the only real option for this is paypal (I'm NOT mailing cash to hong kong!)

    I would like somebody with a paypal account to get this for me, and I will pay you in cash when I pick it up along with a sixpack of the beer of your choice (or if you're not a beer fan, we can come to an arrangement).

    It shouldn't be any more than $40 all up, including international conversion, fees etc.

    In the event that your Credit card is charged but the item doesn't arrive or is damaged, I will still pay you.

    it would be GREATLY appreciated if somebody could help me out with this. Please, Someone! :)

    My word is good, but if you are paranoid or uneasy (as I would be!), I'd be more than happy to scan my license and email it to you, provide phone numbers, or whatever you want, so that you can track me down and break my thumbs if I don't pay. ...

    Thank you very much in advance! I hope somebody is able and willing to help me out!

    EDIT: For simplicity's sake, this should probably be restricted to Melbourne people...

    (EDIT #2: Link Removed)

    (EDIT #3: Link reinstated)

  2. I think you can transfer money from your bank account into your paypal account hence no credit card required.
  3. nah, I already looked into it: if you have a Visa debit card you can get a paypal account, but you can't do it directly from your bank account.

    I think they used to do that a few years back, but apparently not anymore. I've just spent the last 20 minutes reading through all their literature...
  4. I'll get it.

    Please, nobody else bid on it ya mugs.

    AntiSol, what's your max bid ($US?)

    I'll do it at the last second to prevent counterbidding as much as possible.
  5. Sorry, I mean I'll put a minimum bid on now, then raise it to your maximum in the last 30 seconds or so if a counter bid goes on.
  6. You are my hero Loz! Thanks heaps!

    well, I don't reckon there's gonna be much competition - it's at $0.99 with no bids at the moment, but I'll happily go up to US$10 or so...
  7. Sweet, you never know if there's other last-minute sharks like me out there! :LOL:
  8. Just placed a bid for $20.00 US.. :p :p :p Just kidding, but it might be a good idea to remove the link to the item so no one does place a bid.
  9. Good call steve. :)

    Yeah I do that too Loz: Wait until there are 3 seconds left before placing your bid. :D
  10. No sweat, no competition. Tis yours.

    Or mine if I decide I like it... What did you say was the maximum you were willing to pay? :LOL:
  11. Now the links gone, and I'm dying to know what "it" was.......
  12. [cartman voice]Schweeeeeeeet![/cartman voice]

    Depends: $30-40 + beer, or for smarta$$es I'll pay extra: $30-40 + beer + 1 smack across the back of the head... :D
  13. Inci - 'tis a neon sign saying "Tool."

    I think it's for his shed, to help him remember what he went in there looking for.
  14. link is back for your viewing pleasure...

    I'm actually planning on turning it into an accessory to be placed in a certain anatomical region... :D

  15. I had a look at the sellers other stuff, and how cool is that neon 'Duff Beer' sign! " The answer to all life's problems"....
  16. Congratulations you have won "TOOL of the week" :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :p
  17. Thanks! I wouldn't feel like a ToolArmy Member otherwise!
  18. There are some way cool neon signs in that ebay shop.