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Free accommodation in return for light household duties

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Kermie, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. Interesting gumtree ad.


  2. I nearly wet myself laughing. haha
  3. thanks for the link!!!!!!!! i wanna sign up! bwahahahahahaahahhaa

    this is hilarious!
  4. You know who lives in Queanbeyan ? --- bogans
  5. hahahaha! thats awesome!
  6. They would probably have more luck if they were upfront about what they wanted:
    "fit, young chick wanted to spice things up at home and make us feel like we're living the good life. Communial showers mandatory but orgies optional in exchange for free rent in a subpar house".
  7. You would have to wonder about the wife who would let hubby do that.
    God i'm getting old. But that's just twisted shoite.
  8. It may be the wifes idea
  9. You got it in 1. ;)
    Why pass judgement on something you don't understand?
  10. because the government does it?
  11. capital couples... haha
  12. Yer right. Been there done that and got the T shirt.
    Never seen it end in a happy ending. You play you pay.
  13. yeah but it's free accomodation. if i was a chick i'd go for it !
  14. actually i have been to Queanbeyan and that is quite typical of the residents
  15. So what was the sex like? And did you have to wear a dress?
  16. haha, i don't kiss and tell
  17. Good to know.
    So, how you doing for accomodation these days?
  18. haha, thanks but no, i still have some self respect
  19. reminds me of that goodies episode

    "free accommodation for lighthouse keeping "